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Foursqaure 'Cheater Code' Vexes Legit Users

Been having issues checking into Foursquare lately? The company's new "cheater code" could be the reason why.

Camera-Less BlackBerry Bold Coming to Sprint?

BlackBerry users with strict no-digital-camera-on-corporate-device policies will likely soon have a larger selection of devices to choose from.


New BlackBerry Slider Coming in April — Or Not

Rumor has it that RIM's new BlackBerry slider could become available in April. But what are the chances, realistically?


The 12 Most Annoying Types of Cell Phone Users

Seen Bluetooth Johnson, the bathroom texter, or the holster master? Hope you don't see any of these 12 annoying cell phone enthusiasts in the mirror.


T-Mobile BlackBerry Users to Get Google Default Search

Good news for BlackBerry smartphone users in the United States on T-Mobile, at least if you're a fan of search giant Google.


Employee-Liable Smartphones on Corporate Networks: Five Tips to Boost Admin Control

Zenprise offers tips to help reduce the risk associated with letting staffers connect personal handhelds to corporate networks.

10 Must-Have BlackBerry Travel Apps

Before your next trip, check out 10 of the best travel-minded mobile applications for BlackBerry smartphones.

Tips to Manage Your BlackBerry Apps

From memory management to archiving, here's how to get more out of the mobile apps of the BlackBerry App World.

RIM Gives BlackBerry Clamshell the Kiss-Off

What appears to be leaked information from Verizon suggests the Pearl Flip is about to be retired, along with the Curve 8330 and Storm 9530.


RIM Should Say 'Ta-Ta, Tour — Bonjour, Bold'

RIM would be wise to say sayonara to the "Tour" name and go with the Bold moniker for its new BlackBerry. Here's why.


Kindle Arrives Free on BlackBerry

Amazon has finally decided to let the free application for RIM BlackBerry phones out into the wild.


RIM Unveils WebKit-Based BlackBerry Browser

The new Browser's not available yet, and RIM's not offering up specific dates for when you can expect it, though it'll probably hit in late 2010.


10 Free BlackBerry Apps You Must Have

Here are the details--and download links--for ten of the best, free BlackBerry smartphone applications available today.