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Al Sacco is an awarding-winning journalist and blogger who covers the fast paced mobile/wireless beat for and IDG Enterprise, with a focus on wearable tech, smartphones and tablet PCs. Al manages select contributors and frequently covers breaking news, shares insightful expert analysis of key industry happenings, writes a wide variety of tutorials and how-tos to help readers get the most out of their gadgets, and regularly offers up recommendations on software for a number of mobile platforms. Al resides in Boston and is a passionate reader, traveler, film buff and Red Sox fan.

Better BlackBerry Browsing

Top tips for keyboard shortcuts and apps that make life easier.


Paperless Boarding Passes for Smartphones Hit SFO

San Francisco International Airport is the Bay Area's first airport to employ a secure barcode-scanning system for paperless boarding passes.


20 Goofy USB Gadgets & Gizmos You'll Love

Dress up your desktop and entertain (or annoy) your co-workers with these wacky USB-powered gadgets, from cubicle stink-busters to toasters that print the morning news on your breakfast.

BlackBerry Handhelds Save Heart Attack Victims

EKG-monitoring app is not only helping to save the lives of heart-attack victims; it's reducing the average length of cardiology patient-stays and overall healthcare costs. Here's how.


BlackBerry 'Self-Service Module' Helps Users Help Themselves

BoxTone product aims to provide easy-to-access, step-by-step issue resolution instructions to users, so they can solve their own problems without calling on IT.

Torch Mobile Deal to Improve BlackBerry Web Surfing

RIM's in the process of seriously revamping its browser, and though it'll probably be later rather than sooner that we see results — the Web-surfing future is bright for BlackBerry users.


How BlackBerry Enforces Your Diet

Struggling to work off that spare tire around your waist? Sensei's BlackBerry App is Your Friend.


Verizon Launches Mobile App Contest

Developers of apps for BlackBerry and other mobile devices can vie for cash prices in a competition opening Verizon's app store.

Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Summer Travel

Summer vacation isn't just about escaping the office or beating the heat. It's about getting maximum enjoyment from your surroundings--and your trusty, hard-working iPhone can help. The iPhone apps we've collected here will enhance any summer getaway--and help you realize the full potential of your mobile device.


4 Secrets About BlackBerry Desktop for Mac

Straight from RIM, here are some tips to get started with the soon-to-be-released BlackBerry Desktop Software for Macs.

Is the RIM BlackBerry Curve 8520 Right for You?

With so many smartphone options — Pre, iPhone, myTouch 3G — it's getting harder to determine which device is best for you. Break down these key factors when considering your BlackBerry Curve 8520 buying decision.


Why BlackBerry Curve 8520 Is First to Get Trackpad

RIM's new BlackBerry Curve 8520 smartphone is the first to feature the trackpad. Why not the BlackBerry Tour?


The 10 Best BlackBerry Apps for Summer Travel

Smartphones and summer vacation, like oil and water, simply don't mix? We beg to differ. Just because you employ your BlackBerry for work, that doesn't mean it can't play hard, as well. The following applications are guaranteed to enhance any getaway - and help you realize the full potential of your mobile device.

Hey Palm: Dump iTunes!

Palm needs to ditch this game of cat and mouse over iTunes and create a music sync it can control.

Palm Updates Pre OS With an Eye on the Enterprise

Palm on Thursday released another update to the Pre's mobile operating system, webOS v1.1.0, and it includes a variety of valuable features meant for corporate...