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BlackBerry Desktop Software Coming to Mac This Fall!

I just got word from Research In Motion that it plans to release a new version of its BlackBerry Desktop Manager software for Apple's Mac OS X operating system.

RIM BlackBerry Tour 9630 Already on Sale

Research In Motion's (RIM) hot new smartphone, the BlackBerry Tour 9630, which was just released in the United States last weekend, is already on sale.


BlackBerry Tour 9630: Is This the Phone for You

RIM has released its latest addition to the BlackBerry family: the BlackBerry Tour 9630 from Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

Google CEO Caught Using BlackBerry: So What?

Well. Search giant Google's chief executive uses a BlackBerry Storm instead of--or in addition to--a smartphone powered by Android.


Next: Cameras for iPods?

Apple is expected to bless the iPod Touch and iPod Nano with digital cameras in the next models.


How to Keep Your iPhone 3GS from Overheating

Apple has published a set of guidelines to help iPhone users ensure that their devices keep their cool.


Palm Pre App Catalog Hits 1 Million Downloads

Palm Pre customers are downloading apps in impressive numbers, especially since the selection is still limited.

Wipe Your Palm Pre Before Saying Goodbye for Good

Whether you're returning your phone to Sprint or giving it to a friend, be sure to restore your Pre to factory settings before letting go -- here's how.


Palm Pre, WebOS: Super Software, Sad Device

The Pre, along with webOS, represents what may prove to be Palm's final effort at a comeback against those other little smartphone makers, RIM and Apple.


Eight Top Free Downloads for Palm Pre

Palm's Pre "App Catalog" may be on the slim side, but it's a case of quality over quantity, as these great apps prove.

Move Over 'BlackBerry Thumb,' Here Comes 'Cellphone Elbow'

You've probably heard of the ailment commonly referred to as "BlackBerry Thumb." Get ready for a new one.


Who Needs an iPhone 3G S with These 8 Great Alternatives?

Apple unveiled its newest smartphone this week, but if you're no Apple fanatic, here are eight more devices as (or more) promising.


Best, Cheap BlackBerry Add-ons

Six most frequently used BlackBerry accessories and add-ons and the best deals for each -- for a total outlay of $100.

Texts From the Commander in Chief

You can now see just what the leader of the free world is messaging about--and with whom. Sort of.


Step by Step: Apple's App Store Approval Process

Analysis: Appleā€™s mysterious iTunes App Store application approval process (finally) explained -- via comic strip.