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Albert is a former PCWorld and Macworld intern and GeekTech writer, who now works as an Editorial Assistant in the PCWorld Lab. Albert likes to dabble in Web development in his free time. Check him out on Dribbble, or see some of his work on CodePen.

CES Day Zero wrap-up: 4K TVs foisted on the Las Vegas press corps (video)

A slew of bombastic TV announcements defined the calm before the CES storm.


Data centers

Infographic: Where your cloud data really lives

Ever wonder where the online services of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter keep all your data?

The periodic table of tech

All of your tech gear starts with science. Check out this list to see which elements contribute to popular products.

Review: BookBook Vol 2 (for New iPad/iPad 2)

The BookBook is a great looking case, but the little problems aren't something I would want to deal with every day.

SGP's Folio.S case looks nice on your iPad, but fails to impress with its usability

Made from genuine leather, the Folio.S case keeps your 3rd generation iPad safe from normal day-to-day bumps and scratches.

Sensordrone: The Sensor Swiss Army Knife for Your Smartphone

The size of a keychain, the Sensordrone gives your smartphone a whole new range of senses.

Use a Tiny OLED Screen to Make Your Lego Sets More Dynamic

A DIY tutorial details how to add a tiny screen to your Lego creations, making them geekier then ever.

ArduSat: A Tiny Arduino-Powered Satellite That's Meant to Be Shared

With ArduSat, anybody can get some time with a real satellite in space to take pictures or collect other data.

Hands On: Microsoft’s On{X} App Provides Android Automation

A new way to automate your Android has arrived, and it can tell when you’re walking, running, or driving. We give it a try.

Moboto: Finally, an iPhone Dock With Personality and Character

It’s a dock for your iPhone and iPad that is not only unique and personal, but tries to be informative and helpful. It’s Moboto!

DIY Tilt-Activated Turn Signal Makes Biking Safer, Geekier

All you have to do to activate these easy-to-build DIY turn signals is lift your arm.

Culinary Mastermind Meets Geek, Burrito Printing Emerges

There’s lots of cool stuff going on with 3D printers lately, but the BurritoB0t takes the cake--er, burrito.

3D Printer Prints In High Resolution, Isn't Resolutionary

This 3D printer can print super complex objects on a tiny scale by using light to build objects from liquid resin.

Noteworthy Alternatives to Arduino

Though Arduino is the most popular microcontroller available, it isn't the only project-friendly board out there. Here are some others you should check out.