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Albert is a former PCWorld and Macworld intern and GeekTech writer, who now works as an Editorial Assistant in the PCWorld Lab. Albert likes to dabble in Web development in his free time. Check him out on Dribbble, or see some of his work on CodePen.

Build a 360-Degree Camera Crown on the Cheap--And Look Ridiculous in the Process

You’ll look silly taking 360-degree photos with a bunch of disposable cameras tied to your head. And yet... I kind of want to.


This 3D Printer Can Use Up to 14 Materials, Make 3D Printing More Flexible

Most 3D printers can only handle one material at a time. But the Objet Connex can use up to 14 materials in a single print job.

PIE: A Chrome Extension That Can Help With Reading and Pronunciation

By dynamically adding glyphs to text in websites, the PIE extension for Chrome aims to help you learn to read.

Old Dot Matrix Printer Tracks Tweets, Makes Obsolete Tech Almost Useful

Got an old dot matrix printer sitting around? One modder turned one into a DIY Twitter ticker.

A 3D Printer For Ice Sculptures? Sure, Why Not?

Researchers at McGill University are looking into 3D printing ice sculptures--with remarkable success.

Custom Records Help Old-School Fisher-Price Player Rock Out

One Instructables user shows the world how to make our own records for the old-school Fisher Price toy record player. Hipsters love it!

Remote Card Flipper Aids in Online Poker Playing

Finally, there's a machine to hold your cards for you when you’re playing online webcam poker with your friends.

RepRap 3D Printers Will Soon Self-Replicate Like Bunnies

The RepRap can print out its own parts, which could help drive down the cost for DIY 3D printers.

MIT's LiquiGlide May End Ketchup Bottle Frustrations for All Eternity

A super slippery coating may be all it takes to make ketchup pour like water.

DIY 3D Printing: Now Less Brittle With Nylon Extrusion

3D printing is getting more affordable, but printing in nylon will make printouts more flexible and durable.