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Possible Future Tractor Beam Has Pirates Shaking in Their Boots

Scientists in Hong Kong have recently discovered a way to use a special laser called a Bessel beam to pull objects closer to the beam's source.


25 Legendary Video Game Characters

The Guinness Book of World Records recently released a list of the biggest video game heroes, based on votes from 13,000 gamers. Here are the top results.

Gadgets in Disguise for Your Desk

A little camouflage can make ordinary things a lot more intriguing. We found eight interesting and useful gadgets that are not exactly what they appear to be.

Modems in the Movies: The Early Years

In 1980s movies, modems had the power to change high school grades, wreck laboratories, and even spark global nuclear conflict. Here are some classic and silly modem movie moments from a time before the technology caught on.

5 HDTVs for Sports Fans

These HDTVs are great for watching sports, but don't get mad and throw something at them if your favorite team loses.


Super Bowl XLV HDTV Deals

With lots of manufacturers and retailers cutting prices, Super Bowl season is one of the best times of the year to buy a new HDTV, or your first--so check out these great deals.


NoteSlate Keeps it Simple With Blackboard-Like Tablet

NoteSlate is a low-cost tablet designed catered to the more basic needs of a pen and paper alternative.


Road Train Technology Lets You Sleep at the Wheel

Want to being able to eat an English muffin and read the funnies page while you commute to work? Autonomous cars are the obvious, logical solution.


DIY Spider Robot Fights Your Cat--and Then Gets Bored

This awesome little spider bot can do acrobatic tricks, entertain your kids, and even fight with your cat!


Skunk Juice Headphones Use Magnets to Protect Your Player

Creepily listen in on a stranger’s music, or protect your computer from getting pulled of the desk--either way, these headphones offer some unique options.


Space Fence: The Ultimate Command Center

Able to track over 15,000 objects, Space Fence will be the awesome software used to help keep the objects in orbit around out planet in check after 2015.


Wireless Power Brings A Brighter Breakfast

Fulton Innovation wants to power your devices sans wires with their eCoupled technology.


Google Goggles Helps You Cheat at Sudoku

Google Goggles now lets you search the net for magazine adds via picture and solves Sodoku faster than any human.


CES Day 1: Sleek Laptops, Sexy Tablets, Cool Cameras, and More

Las Vegas has no secrets for us, at least in the area of technology. Here is a sampling of what we found most interesting on the first day of CES, with gadgets and gizmos from the likes of Samsung, Sony, and Motorola.

CES Concept Tech: 16 Gizmos Worth Waiting For

CES concept gadgets range from robotic balls you control with your phone, home theaters for your head, and bendable displays.