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Albert is a former PCWorld and Macworld intern and GeekTech writer, who now works as an Editorial Assistant in the PCWorld Lab. Albert likes to dabble in Web development in his free time. Check him out on Dribbble, or see some of his work on CodePen.

DIY Snail Mail Push Notifications Tell You When You've Got Mail

A simple DIY project is all that’s needed to completely digitize your life, allowing you to receive a notification on your phone when your snail mail arrives.


MetroPCS Announces New 4G LTE Rate Plans

MetroPCS announces new 4G LTE rate plans starting at $40, all offering unlimited calling, texting, and 4G LTE Web browsing.


Innovative Digital Camera and Smartphone Camera Accessories

All photographers love gizmos for their cameras. Here are a few to consider, including extra lenses for smartphone cameras and Flip camcorders, interesting tripods, stabilizers, and more.


HTML5 and Flash Team Up for Web Music Video

This music video by the Japanese group Sour is an amazing representation of HTML5 and its ability to bring the viewer into the video.


WWF Files are Impossible to Print

It’s not a problem or something gone wrong, it’s an effort to stop the unnecessary printing of documents to save trees.


Smartphone Cases: The Extravagant, the Goofy, and the Useful

From Louis Vuitton to glow-in-the-dark, there’s a distinctive phone case for everyone.


BendDesk: A Multi-Touch Desk With a Curve

The BendDesk is an attempt to incorporate a multi-touch interface with the physical area that you normally inhabit.


Insanely Priced Gifts for the Extravagant

Diamond-encrusted smartphones, virtual butlers, and sound systems to die for. Kanye West probably has most of these electronics already, but if not, here are our suggestions for what to get him for the holidays.


Headphones Built Into Your Hoodie and Other Tech Clothing Wonders

A phone built into the sleeve of a dress. Gloves that enable you to swipe a touchscreen on the ski slope. Solar-powered backpacks. Here are nine examples of apparel that blurs the line between clothing and tech gear.