Seven Minutes of Terror: NASA's Curiosity Rover to Land on Mars This Weekend

On Sunday night, NASA will land a nuclear-powered six-wheeled rover the size of a Mini Cooper with a radioactive heart and rock-vaporizing laser to the surface of Mars. Here's how to follow along.

Missed the Venus Transit in 2012? Watch It Online Until 2117

There was a little black dot on the Sun yesterday as Venus passed between it and the Earth. If you missed it, watch the transit highlights here.

Thank You, Space! How NASA Tech Makes Life Better on Earth

For half of a percent of the US federal budget, what do you get from NASA? A lot. We look at some spinoff technology from space exploration in recent years that’s made its way into our everyday lives.

Biomimicry Robots Run Amok at Berkeley, Show How Insects Evolved to Fly

Engineers at UC Berkeley created a menagerie of running robots with wings to help them run, jump, climb, and even glide.

HTC's Bootloader Unlock Tool Inches Closer, Comes With a Catch

Eager to unlock your phone? Later in August, HTC HTC will provide a web app for unlocking your existing phone’s bootloader, with some strings attached.

Tau Day: An Even More Fundamental Holiday Than Pi Day

Did you miss Pi Day in March? Celebrate the truly fundamental Tau Day today instead!

HTC Ends Locked Bootloader Policy

After several days of rumors and hints, HTC will no longer be locking the bootloaders on its phones, much to the delight of smartphone modders everywhere.

Giant Nintendo 3DS Augmented Reality Hack, MIT-Style

We’ve seen some spectacular hacks come out of MIT, but the latest one involves the 3D and augmented reality capabilities of the newest Nintendo handheld.

MESSENGER Becomes the First Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury

NASA’s first mission to Mercury in over 30 years hopes to answer questions about the innermost planet’s core, magnetic field, and mysterious atmosphere.

Control Space and Time With NASA's Eyes on the Solar System

Powered by the Unity 3 gaming engine, NASA’s latest visualization project lets you play with the solar system, watch spacecraft flybys, and track satellites.

Android, Kinect Hacked to Work Together: Match Made in Geek Heaven or an Unholy Comingling?

This latest mashup of a Kinect plus an Android tablet has incredible potential for awesome, portable applications.

Biggest Solar Flares in 4 Years Heading Toward Earth

Satellites might get fried while radio nerds rejoice.