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Alessondra Springmann is a writer by night and an astrophysicist by day. She enjoys zapping asteroids with a 20 terawatt transmitter, using the active voice, and running around the largest radio telescope in the world.

Flip Slide HD Gets Touchscreen, More Storage

Cisco's latest video camera records in HD, has HDMI out, sports a touchscreen, and costs $280


Lenovo C200 All-in-one Brings NVIDIA Ion 2 to You for $499

Lenovo's newest all-in-one C200 features the NVIDIA Ion 2 in a one-touch LCD package for under $500.


What's Inside Your iPad: Deconstructing the Apple A4 Processor

iFixit and Chipworks provide a look inside the iPad processor, revealing similarities to the iPhone.


This Week in Geek: iPad-Free Edition!

Take a break from iPad mania. Here are some of the other things making news, including the PAX East gaming convention, leaked AMD chip details, and more. It's This Week in Geek!


Run Quake II in your Browser with HTML5

Three engineers at Google have created a port of Quake II to HTML5. Frag to your heart's content from inside your browser, no Flash or other plug-ins required!


Hack: Control Your Car With an iPod Touch and Make James Bond Jealous

One modder installed a wireless network in his 1969 Pontiac GTO convertible that lets him control the stereo, the windows, and even open the roof, trunk, and doors from an iPod Touch.


New WiFi-enabled TV From Toshiba Sports LED Backlight, 1080p

The new "simple and fun" UX600 LED TV from Toshiba has built-in WiFi support, allowing you to stream music from Pandora, videos from YouTube, and more straight to your TV.


NVIDIA App Brings 3D Gaming to Your TV

NVIDIA and Panasonic are teaming up to demo 3D TV in a city near you.


Hack Lets You Control Your DSLR Camera From Your Nintendo DS

Here's how to use a Nintendo DS to program new features on DSLR cameras made by Canon, Olympus and Sigma.


Carbon Nanotube Speakers Powered by Lasers

New research paves the way for ubiquitous speakers made from a series of carbon nanotubes.


Opera Mini 5 Beta Released for Android Phones

Android phones now sing Opera! The newest beta of Opera Mini 5 now comes in an Android version.


The Car-puccino: A Car That Runs on Coffee

This java-propelled car isn't powered by Sun; instead, it runs on leftover coffee grounds.


Apple Versus HTC: Show Me the Patents!

Curious to see what patents are at the heart of Apple's lawsuit against HTC? Is this case really about multitouch, or is there something bigger at stake? PC World takes a closer look at the specific patents that Apple claims HTC is infringing.

New Shuttle Nettop PC Takes Up Even Less Space Than Before

Don't have a lot of space? Shuttle's new super-thin power-sipping mini PC is the answer.


Homebuilt Glove Mouse: The Power Is in Your Hand

DIY hack puts mouse innards on the outside of a glove, allowing you to mouse around without a mouse.