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Anatomy of a PC crash: 7 scenarios, and how to avoid them

Ah, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. It persists even in Windows 8, but if you know its common causes, you can usually stop it before it borks your system.

Why all-in-one PCs suck at gaming (plus one that doesn't!)

They're slim, sleek, and family friendly. But why do most all-in-one desktops make such awful gaming machines?

No, you don't need new glasses, those are curved TVs (video)

These curved LG OLED TVs give the best wide viewing angle around. How to afford one is up to you though.


HP takes the "lap" out of laptop (video)

The crazy side of CES shows us that not all laptops are mobile.

Old console becomes new gadget (video)

The Hyperkin Supaboy brings the Super Nintendo back into the spotlight with this handheld system.

Samsung showcases two new Series 7 laptops for CES 2013

CES comes a little early as Samsung announces its new laptop entries for the Series 7 line.

XBLA indie game Fez coming to new platforms in 2013

Fez, the indie game that took XBLA by storm some 9 months ago, may finally see a PC release.

Zombie MMO The War Z removed from Steam, accused of fraud

Hammerpoint's zombie survival MMO has always had a decent amount of mystery surrounding it, and now it's knee-deep in controversy.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath drops you in quake country

Battlefield 3's newest expansion, Aftermath, provides some great urban combat in an immersive devastated setting.

The 8 best laptops and Ultrabooks available today

Buy one for yourself, or give one away as a very generous gift. Either way, these are the mobile PC to beat this holiday season.

Scribblenauts Unlimited brings your imagination to life

The fourth installment of the Scribblenauts puts your imagination to the test with an object editor.

Humble THQ Bundle is ready to shut up and take your money

The folks and THQ and Humble Bundle have gone overboard, offering some AAA titles for whatever you want to pay.