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How to Use Shortcuts in iOS 5

The new Shortcuts feature of iOS 5 makes it easy to compose complex messages quickly on your iPhone or iPad. You can even teach your device new words with just a few simple steps.

How to Use Custom Vibrations in iOS 5

Custom vibrations are among the best-kept secrets of iOS 5. Here's how to customize the vibration pattern of your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

FAQ: Will Your ISP Protect Your Privacy?

Can law enforcement shut off your Internet access? Does your ISP have a data retention policy, and who is it sharing that with? Stay informed with our handy guide to tech activism.

High-Tech Gear for Gamers

Take your game to the next level with these affordable accessories.


Hackers Crack Internet Encryption: Should You Be Worried?

BEAST is an exploit developed by security researchers to break the TLS 1.0 encryption used by most major browsers and websites. Here’s how it works, and how you can protect yourself.

How to Run Your Business Better From a Tablet

Transition your business from PC to tablet with a few simple tips and tricks shared by other professionals who took the plunge.

FAQ: Which Social Networks Fight for Your Rights?

Can social networks censor your speech? Will they give the government information on who you are and where you’ve been? Know your rights with our handy guide to tech activism.

Classic Game Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall's Deep Gameplay Makes It Worth the Fuss

It's fifteen years old and it requires a DOS emulator to run...but Elder Scrolls, Chapter II: Daggerfall is still engrossing and entertaining.

How to Use DOSBox to Play Classic Games

DOSBox is a vital tool in any classic gamer's arsenal. We'll show you the basics.

How to Play Daggerfall on Your Windows 7 PC

Here's how to get The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall running on your modern computer.

How to Play Infinity Engine RPGs on Your Windows 7 PC

Here's how to get Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, and other Infinity Engine RPGs running on your modern PC.

How to Play Grim Fandango on Your Windows 7 PC

Here's how to get the classic LucasArts adventure game up and running on your Windows 7 computer.

Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

The graphics are dated, and it requires a DOS emulator to run...but Elder Scrolls, Chapter II: Daggerfall's deep gameplay is worth all the fuss.

How To Protect Yourself From Supercookies

When good cookies go bad, keep your personal information private with these simple precautions.

Ubisoft Lies About DRM On PC Port Of 'From Dust'

The PC version of Eric Chahi's exotic sandbox game is finally available for purchase after three weeks of delay, but many PC gamers are finding the game impossible to play without Internet access despite Ubisoft's earlier claims to the contrary.