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Bug Bounties: Why Paying Hackers Makes You Safer

Companies like Google and HP are paying big bucks to people who can find holes in their software.

New Counter-Strike Announced For PC and Consoles

Valve has announced a new Counter-Strike game for competitive gamers, and it's coming out on PC, Mac and home consoles early next year. It's called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and we have the details on how it works and how it plays.

Top 16 PC Game Mods

You're not getting the real PC gaming experience unless you're playing with modifications. Read on for our favorite PC game mods of all time.

A Hacker Speaks: How Malware Might Blow Up Your Laptop

Researcher Charlie Miller has found a security hole in Apple laptop batteries that could allow hackers to attack your PC. We spoke with him about how it works and how you can fix it.

21 Great PC Games You’ll Never Play on a Console

Think PC gaming is dead? Think again. Here are 21 awesome PC games that rely on system performance and unique gameplay that consoles and iPads just can't match.

How We Test Tablets

Will the tablet you have your eye on be fast enough for your work? What about games? And how good is the camera? The PCWorld Lab's exclusive tests answer those questions and more.


7 Games That Expand Your Brain

Scientific studies suggest that, when played in moderation, games can be good for your brain.

Alienware Aurora: Style Trumps Substance

The new Alienware Aurora is well-designed with a great case and a few neat features, but it’s a little pricey and doesn’t keep up with category leaders in our performance tests.

Independent Gaming: Our Visit to the GameSpy Indie Open House

Wondering what's going on with the independent gaming scene? We took a look at four promising new games at the GameSpy Indie Open House.

Tor Network Cloaks Your Browsing From Prying Eyes

Looking for a more private way to surf the Web? The Tor Network helps journalists, activists and government agents stay anonymous on the Internet. Here’s how you can access it for free.


Testing Tablet Displays and The Future of Digital Photography On PCWorld Podcast #118

We talk the dark side of tablet displays and the potential for Lytro's "light field" digital camera technology to revolutionize digital photography in this week's episode of the PCWorld Podcast.


Geek 101: What Is V-Sync?

Curious about what vertical synchronization means, how it works and whether you need it to work for you? We can help.


E3: The Best and Worst of the Giant Gaming Expo

Our savvy trio of hard-to-please gamers patrolled the huge E3 show floor all week. Here’s what they loved—and hated.

Nintendo Wii U: Our First Look

Curious about what Nintendo's Wii U looks like in action? We spent some quality time with a prototype of Nintendo's next console behind closed doors at E3 2011, and we caught it all on film.

E3 2011: The Future of PC Gaming

Is PC gaming dead? Three E3 editors tackle the topic--each provides his own perspective. See if you agree.