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Ubisoft Lies About DRM On PC Port Of 'From Dust'

The PC version of Eric Chahi's exotic sandbox game is finally available for purchase after three weeks of delay, but many PC gamers are finding the game impossible to play without Internet access despite Ubisoft's earlier claims to the contrary.

Bug Bounties: Why Paying Hackers Makes You Safer

Companies like Google and HP are paying big bucks to people who can find holes in their software.

New Counter-Strike Announced For PC and Consoles

Valve has announced a new Counter-Strike game for competitive gamers, and it's coming out on PC, Mac and home consoles early next year. It's called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and we have the details on how it works and how it plays.

Top 16 PC Game Mods

A Hacker Speaks: How Malware Might Blow Up Your Laptop

Researcher Charlie Miller has found a security hole in Apple laptop batteries that could allow hackers to attack your PC. We spoke with him about how it works and how you can fix it.