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The Future Of the PC Looks Cloudy

In the year 2020, cloud computing is king. We will abandon our bulky desktops in favor of remote storage, lashing together our favorite music, movies and games with a web of internet-connected devices to build a digital raft of data that will buoy us through the ebb and flow of our daily lives.



The Future of the PC on PCWorld Podcast #109

Join the crew from PCWorld's GeekTech blog as we pull out our crystal ball and predict what the PC of the future will look like.

Online Dating for Nerds: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Postings

Dateless on Valentine's Day? We tried out seven online dating sites--some nerdy, some mainstream. Here's what we found.

New Norton Mobile Security Apps Seek to Eradicate Smartphone Theft

Symantec Corporation introduces the latest Norton Mobile Security product announcement alongside survey results suggesting one in three U.S. citizens have had their phones lost or stolen.


Bomb-Sniffing Plants and Macworld Expo on PCWorld Podcast #108

Join the GeekTech crew and get our take on the recent Macworld Expo, bomb- detecting plants (huh?), and more on this week's episode of the PCWorld Podcast.

Plant Sentinels Sniff Out Danger, Turn White at the First Sign of Trouble

Genetically-modified plants change color in the presence of potentially dangerous chemicals, creating an organic early warning system that looks good and smells even better.


Cloud Printers Rain On Security Parade

The advent of Web-connected printers offers hackers new opportunities to steal your data, but a few simple precautions will keep you safe amidst the cloud.

HP’s Print-by-E-Mail Service Works--Mostly

HP’s cloud-based ePrint service worked eight out of ten times in our tests, but some BlackBerry users may be frustrated.

Cloud Printing Is Here--Do You Need It?

You need your printer to print, but do you need it to access the Internet? HP and Lexmark are hoping you'll think so, as they launch more and more of their printers into the cloud. Is it worth the added cost?


The Nerdier Side of CES on PCWorld Podcast #106

The GeekTech Blog Crew convenes again after recovering from CES! Join us as we discuss some of our favorite gadgets and happenings from this year's show.


Testing Tasers at CES 2011

PCWorld writer Sarah Purewal and assistant Alex Wawro conduct a live-fire test of the Taser C2 Neuromuscular Incapacitation device on display at CES.



Interactive Cake and Tech Nostalgia On PCWorld Podcast #102

The team from PCWorld's GeekTech blog invades the Podcast! Listen in as we chat about interactive foodstuffs (what?), Minecraft, and our first computers.

All I Want for Geekmas: Alex Wawro's Nerdy Gift Picks

Looking for a good gift for the geek in your life? Editorial Assistant Alex Wawro's gift list might help.


MacBook Air Performs Poorly Compared With Similarly Priced Windows Laptops

Lab tests prove many Windows 7 laptops offer better performance than the 2010 MacBook Air for the same price.