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E3 2011: The Future of PC Gaming

Is PC gaming dead? Three E3 editors tackle the topic--each provides his own perspective. See if you agree.

E3 2011: Interview With Sony's John Koller

Sony Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller sat down with PCWorld at E3 2011 to discuss the future of consumer entertainment hardware.

Hands-On with Sony's PlayStation Vita: Impressive Hardware, Game Play

Curious about the PlayStation Vita? I spent some time playing with it here at E3 -- here’s what we thought.

E3 2011: Sony PlayStation Vita Hands-On

PCWorld editors take the new Sony PlayStation Vita for a spin to play with the front-facing camera and test out the 5-inch OLED capacitative touchscreen.

Twisted Metal At E3 2011

Check out some exclusive footage of the car combat game Twisted Metal from the Sony press conference at E3 2011.

Wii U At E3 2011: Our First Look

Nintendo unveiled their new Wii U home console at E3 2011, and we were able to capture video of the Shield Pose tech demo in action; watch the player shake, rattle, and roll in attempt to defeat deadly pirates!

WiiU In Action At E3 2011

Our first look at Nintendo's new WiiU home console entertainment system, straight from the show floor of E3 2011.

E3 2011: EA Press Conference

E3 2011: Microsoft Press Conference

E3 Last-Minute Microsoft Rumor Roundup

A few juicy Microsoft-related Electronic Entertainment Expo tidbits are leaking the day before business starts. Read up on the rumors.

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Privacy

Congressional lawmakers are fighting to protect your privacy rights, but they can’t do it alone. Here’s how you can help.

Overclock Your CPU, GPU, and RAM

Looking to upgrade your PC performance on the cheap? Overclocking your components is free, easy, and safe--if you do it right.

How to Build Better Passwords Without Losing Your Mind

The rash of recent hacker attacks is a rough reminder that someone out there is always gunning for your private data. No password is perfect, but you can build a better password with these simple tips.

Kinect Hack Encases You In Carbonite

Need a new coffee table? Skip the mall and make your own with the help of Michael Zöllner, who hacked his Kinect to capture players in digital carbonite and export the data in a format suitable for printing real 3D models. Video after the jump.

HP TouchSmart 610 Quad: Premium Performance at a Premium Price

Outstanding general performance and an excellent touchscreen help the TouchSmart 610 Quad stand out from the all-in-one crowd.