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Create a vast stockpile of PC games without draining your wallet

When PC games become too expensive, indie bundles can save the day, filling your library with a multitude of of high-quality games.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag sails back to series' roots

We saw Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag last week, and here's a report of what we know so far.

Get ready for Facebook Graph Search

Facebook is rolling out a new people search engine. Here’s how it works and how you can prepare.


New Heart of the Swarm trailer preludes release

Starcraft fans are already excited enough with the imminent release of Heart of the Swarm, but Blizzard preludes the release with a new trailer.

Review: Tomb Raider delivers gritty, gorgeous adventure

Tomb Raider is a technically impressive feat of animation and storytelling.

Review: Crysis 3 serves up savage action in high definition

Crysis 3 is absolutely stunning, and the story is pretty good too.

Surface Pro vs. PC gaming: We torture test the tablet's gaming prowess

The Surface Pro has been advertised as a business machine, but that doesn't mean it can't play games. We take a look at just how well it handle itself when put through a few days of the average gaming machine.

Windows 8 picture passwords: Their great untapped potential

Windows 8 lets you use a series of gestures to log into your PC, a minor improvement with big implications for data thieves and desktop enthusiasts.

12 great PC games even your grandmother could love

Generation gap? What generation gap? These great PC games are timeless and fun for all ages.

Google Chrome: How to make it faster, smarter and better than before

Google's Chrome is already one of the fastest web browsers on the block, but you can use these extensions and experimental tweaks to make it sing.

Destiny: Bungie's Next Big Thing

We saw Destiny, the next big game from the makers of Halo. We're just not sure what it is yet.


SugarSync 2.0 goes public, we go hands-on

SugarSync recently rolled out a new-look interface with fancy new features. Is it enough to push the power-user's preferred cloud storage service over the top?

How to sacrifice your online privacy for fun and profit

Companies buy and sell your private data every day. Should you remain a passive observer, or jump into the action yourself? Welcome to the dark side of the data economy.

Review: Aliens: Colonial Marines is a bad movie reference

Aliens: Colonial Marines should have been left to drift in space.

Mayhem, chaos and the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod

It comes once in a blue moon, but this weekend you have 48 hours to check out the crazy Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod.