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How to make basic edits in iPhoto for iOS

Learn how to make basic edits to your photos using iPhoto for iOS.

Turn your old iPad into a dedicated kitchen tablet

If you spend a lot of time at the stove, your old iPad could get a new life as a very useful kitchen tool. Here's how to set it up and what to consider when turning your iPad into a dedicated kitchen tablet.

Game Your Video for iPhone

Global Delight’s Game Your Video wants to make the video-editing process as simple as possible, and it does an excellent job of it.

GroupShot for iPhone and iPad

GroupShot is a powerful app that makes the complex task of creating a good group photo incredibly simple to accomplish.

Image Blender for iPhone and iPad

Falling under the category of single-purpose photo apps, Johan Andersson’s Image Blender makes it possible to combine two images into one seamless photo. And it does this simple task very well.

Shoot 360-degree iPhone 4/4S videos with Kogeto Dot and GoPano Micro

The iPhone camera does a lot on its own, but it can’t do everything. We take a look at two devices that will add 360-degree video shooting to your iPhone's repertoire.