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okidokeys inside view

Will smart locks open the door for home automation?

Big home-automation systems are intimidating, but tech is still colonizing the home one step at a time. First it was smart thermostats, then Bluetooth light bulbs, and now it's smart keys with smart locks.


pioneer cyclometer handelabrs

Pioneer's Cycling Sports system tracks serious data for serious cyclists

What would you do with 199 different metrics about your bike ride? If you're salivating over the possibilities, Pioneer's Cycling Sports line of gear might be for you.



Push your way to fitness with the 'WellShell' from Tao Wellness

The WellShell is a compact, palm-sized device with an OLED display that you use to do isometric exercises with guidance from your smartphone and its app.


Straighten up: Improve your posture with LUMOback

LUMOback is the automatic nagging machine our parents always dreamed of.

Level Money wants your wallet to turn its head and cough

Forget budgeting. This is a whole new way to watch your finances.


Galaxy Gear

Samsung jumps on smartwatch bandwagon with Galaxy Gear

The slick, camera-equipped Gear is great news...if you own a brand-new Note 3 or Note 10.1 tablet.


It's the Samsung Galaxy Gear! Sort of. Perhaps. Mostly?

Everybody calm down. These are only pictures, and we won't know what's inside the final shipping smartwatch until Samsung is good and ready.


RunKeeper gets a second wind with new training programs

New features in the app help you plan out a personalized training program.


Upgrade Father's Day with high-tech takes on old-timey gifts

All those traditional Father's Day gifts get a high-tech overhaul.


The Floome smartphone breathalyzer will tell you when it's time to call a cab

Are you okay to drive, or should you take a cab? The Floome will tell you.


Review: Ogio Renegade RSS 17 takes extra care with your gadgets

This colossal carry-all can handle a lot—and is designed to give plenty of protection to your devices.


Device recycling standards could make mobile friendlier

This week at Mobile World Congress, the Device Renewal Forum announced an official standard for renewing devices that includes military-grade data wiping, environmentally responsible recycling of materials, and a database to check for stolen handsets.


Couch potato call: Mobile World Congress is a fit tech dead zone

While surprised by the scarcity of consumer fitness contraptions on the show floor, we managed to spot a few key health-related gadgets.


Sony watches

Watch this space: Smartwatches abound at Mobile World Congress

Smartphones and tablets may be the focus at Mobile World Congress, but there's a definite interest in watches that can connect to your mobile device. Here are three smartwatches that caught our eye on on the show floor.


Loony sights spotted at Mobile World Congress 2013

Here's a look at some of the loonier stuff at Mobile World Congress 2013.