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Siri competitor Indigo offers personal assistant services for Android and Windows users

Indigo, from Artificial Solutions, is a voice-activated personal assistant app that works on Android and Windows phones and tablets.

CES gets pretty with this fingernail-painting machine (video)

Officially called a “nail imaging system,” the printer from Tat’z Nail’z comes pre-loaded with over 30,000 images that you can print onto your finger- and toenails.


Gadget makers get pumped up about health and fitness tech

Fitness- and health-related tech is booming if CES 2013 is any indication, and how you exercise is about to change in a big way. Here's some of what you can expect to see in the not-too-distant future.


Stig “The Ultimate Super- human” demos the Masimo pulse oximeter (video)

On the off chance that you don't know, 'Stig' is the world record holder for holding his breath for a really long time. Duh.

Aftershokz open-ear headphones are zombie-apocalypse approved (video)

There’s now a third option in the earbud/over-ear debate thanks the Aftershokz open-ear headphones.


Lost gadgets can find their way home with FinderCodes (video)

One company at CES has taken a high-tech approach to reuniting misplaced items with their owners.

Zensorium’s Tinke wants to measure your fitness and stress levels (video)

A small, colored square with two round sensors, the Tinke is designed to measure heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen level, and heart rate variability over time.

iHealth expands its offerings with two new health gadgets (video)

Company's new products are less about fitness and more about general health.

Samsung's new TV lineup promises a world of possibilities

While Samsung's press conference at CES on Monday focused on both Wi-Fi-enabled cameras and a line of smart home appliances, the main focus was on the stunning new selection of smart TVs


Mobile takes center stage at CES startup showcase (video)

We look at seven standouts from Sunday night's Startup Debut event at International CES, all of whom offer a mobile focus.


The best smartphones you can buy right now

Looking for an upgrade? These are the best smartphones you can currently buy, by carrier.


Review: Nokia Lumia 920 is big, bold, and beautiful

Nokia's latest handset makes the most of Windows Phone 8.


Eight tips for Windows Phone 8

A short list of answers for some of the most common questions about Windows Phone 8.


Live Blog: Microsoft takes the wraps off Windows Phone 8

We've heard bits and pieces about Windows Phone 8 in recent months, and a number of phones have been announced, but Microsoft is only now going to spill the beans about the new features of its mobile OS. Join us live.


Is Windows Phone 8 Microsoft's last chance?

Can the software giant compete in the smartphone market?