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Amber writes about lifestyle and mobile tech, including fit tech, mHealth, travel, home automation and more. In her non-tech time she takes too many pictures of her cats, watches zombie movies, crochets, and plans out her next tattoos.

Mobile Data Takes Flight on British Airways

Following the in the steps of Emirates, BA announces it will offer limited in-flight use of cell phones.

Android Phone Postponed Indefinitely

Agora we barely knew thee; Kogan postpones the second Android handset indefinitely.

Fixes for Mobile Phone Flaws

AT&T will fix a flaw that left some users unable to send texts, while RIM and Apple have released security patches.

Meet the $30,000 Cell Phone

Recession? What recession? These luxury phones certainly aren't designed for tough economic times.

iPhone Killer? Who Are You Kidding?

The N97 would seem advanced, if the iPhone didn't already exist. Instead, the N97 has more minuses than pluses.

101 Uses for an iPhone

It can be a projector, a boarding pass, or a Linux terminal. What else can you favorite smartphone do?

Creative Zen Mozaic Media Player

The Zen Mozaic is a good portable player at a low price, but it has a few quirks.


Video Card Failure Alienates Buyer

Alienware reps erroneously inform customer that the company doesn't sell spare parts.

Powerless CyberPower Power Supply

Responsibility for faulty component under warranty clouded by third-party manufacturer.

Antispyware Program Becomes the Problem

Reader seeks protection from WinSpywareProtect.

RCA Small Wonder Pocket EZ205 Camcorder

This pocket video recorder has a flip-out display and supports microSD cards, but image quality is mediocre and the bundled software can be frustrating.


iKick iK500 Stereo System for iPod

This easy-to-use speaker system provides very good, very loud sound.