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10 Ways Spam is Like Vuvuzelas

The World Cup horns share some common characteristics with junk e-mail . . . hear us out.

Vonage Beats the Anti-Spam Laws

Analysis: The California Supreme Court rules that crafting e-mail to bypass spam filters is not illegal.


Spam Zombies: The Good News, and the Bad

Plenty of PCs are still infected, but we are making some progress in the war against zombies and botnets.

Why Is Email Spam So Much Worse Than SMS Spam?

How come email spam is a 5,000,000% bigger problem than text message spam? It mainly boils down to three related factors.


Spammers Sneak Through CAN-SPAM Loopholes

Homegrown, shady direct marketers exploit what they believe are loopholes in the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act — crossing the line from legitimacy to spam.