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IT Security's Scariest Acronym: BYOD, Bring Your Own Device

The torrent of smartphones and tablets entering companies has created some interesting challenges for security managers.

How to Be an Effective Security Buyer

How to tell the difference between security hype...and security reality.

Security Will Rescue Cloud Computing

Whenever the topic of security is mentioned in the context of cloud computing, it is usually discussed as the "big barrier" to adoption.

Brace Yourself for More Censorship, Data Breaches and Devices in 2011

Analysis: Predictions for network security issues next year builds on a busy and dangerous 2010.


The Missing Piece of Cloud Security?

Cloud computing, especially public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service is not yet a reality for the vast majority of companies.

Google's Privacy Afterthought

Internationally, ojbections are mounting to the way Google launches new services.