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Time to Give Java the Boot?

Analysis: The programming language has become one of the weakest links in a PC’s and Mac's defenses against external threats, and is slowly -- and rightly -- being abandoned.

Free and Easy Backup With SyncToy

Create and maintain regular, up-to-date backups of critical files with Microsoft's great, free tool.

What's Up in Downloads? Latest Five Reviews: Mind Maps, Diff Tool, Free Game

Our reviewers mapped their minds, geeked out with a differential program, and got lost in an immersive space game.

Make Short Work of File Comparisons With ExamDiff Pro

Compare the contents of a wide range of file types, merge changes, and generate diff reports with ExamDiff Pro.

SoundTaxi Professional

Easily convert any music files to MP3, AAC (M4A), WMA or WAV formats. 50x conversion speed. SoundTaxi Professional is very easy to install and has a simple user interface. With just a few mouse clicks you can enjoy all your music on iPod, any other MP3 player, CD player, mobile phone or PC - without any restrictions.

Stoik Video Enhancer: Good Idea, Poor Implementation

Turn mobile phone video into something approaching camcorder-quality (or fill your hard drive trying).


Mezzmo is a fully featured DLNA media server that lets you stream all your music, photos and movies on your computer from your TV, home theater, games consoles and digital media appliances.Works with the latest TVs, PS3, Xbox 360 and all popular digital media appliances. Start streaming in minutes!

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 is the ideal companion for all management, optimization and editing processes concerning digital photos and multimedia files. The program provides users with a quick and straightforward management of photo collections including extensive options such as a miniature view with grouping function or virtual picture albums. In the Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 pictures can be indexed (tagging) with words, so that photos which were tagged with the same words can be found fast. The programs user interface is designed clearly and intuitively. Its easy to rotate pictures, adjust horizontal nonalignment, crop images, remove red eyes etc. With just a click photos can be optimized or changed using effects, e.g. inversion or pixelization and can be compared with the original photo in the dual-view mode during editing. Ashampoo Photo Commander 9 offers several exciting features to present ones photos. Pictures can be put together in a slideshow or in an HTML album. Collages as well as greeting cards or calendars are also easily produced in next to no time. Moreover, the program enables users to make screenshots, scan images as well as print photos, send pictures by e-mail or burn them on a disc. Version 9 offers new features and improvements, like for example the dual-view mode and the ITCP wizard as well as new editing tools, functions and effects. Program Highlights - Miniature view with grouping function - Tagging and ITCP wizard - Editing and quick-fix modes for photos - Batch processing - HTML albums, slideshows, collages and lots more - Audio and video management - Burning of discs, dispatch of e-mails, creation of PDFs - Import from cameras and scanners - Skins and plug-ins

Ashampoo Photo Converter Does Bulk Processing--But Clumsily

Batch process, resize, or tweak large numbers of photos, in bulk with Ashampoo Photo Converter.

TheBatchWatermarks Protects Your Photos With a Text Overlay

You can overlay multiple images with transparent watermark text with the expensive TheBatchWatermarks...or with free alternatives.

UltraMon (32-bit version)

Got a dual-mon docking station? All those resolution changes that happen when you dock and undock might throw your carefully arranged desktop icons into chaos...unless you preserve them.

UltraMon (64-bit version)

Extra tools make your multiple monitor setup more useful.

Ashampoo Photo Commander 9: Decent Features Awkwardly Implemented

This clunky update adds little to Ashampoo's already-comprehensive photo organizer and editor Photo Commander.