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Massively enlarge small bitmap image files, without turning them into blocky, pixelated abstract art.

Download and Enjoy Web Video With Miro

A video feed aggregator and recorder with a grassroots bent, Miro also lets you search the major video sites from one program.

DU Meter

Check download and upload speeds, and monitor broadband usage, at a glance.


Split up large files into pieces for easy archiving.


Video feed aggregator and recorder with a grassroots bent also lets you search the major video sites from one program.

Fotografix Offers Free, Easy Photo Editing For the Masses

Resource-light, full-featured photo editor Fotografix makes it simple to apply effects in layers.


Capture full-motion video or still images from your favorite videogame or 3D program.

Snapact Photo Manager Streamlines Your Photo Organization and Sharing

Finally, a photo organizer ties it all together with social networking.


This resource-light, full-featured photo editor is for everybody--not just imaging experts.

ExamDiff Pro With Plug-Ins

Quickly compare two files, or directories of files, to find any differences. This version contains plug-ins for extra power.

ExamDiff Pro

Highlight changes between files and folders with this easy-to-use comparison program.

Freebie Photology Easily Locates That Certain Photo

Sort and retrieve photos from your hard drive using simple, intuitive, icon-based searches.


Find your photos using intuitive searches: faces, colors, nature, and more.


Geocode, or add geographic location data, to your photos.

Shrink Pic

Automagically reduce the size of photographs to a predetermined range when you email or IM them.