Andrew HarrisonPC Advisor (UK)

Andrew is technical editor for IDG UK's Tech Media titles (Digital Arts, Macworld UK, PC Advisor, and Tech Advisor). Known to answer to Harry, he's responsible for writing, commissioning and editing a metric lab-load of product reviews every week. He has rich expertise in consumer electronics and computer technology: the good, the bad and the Windows. He's in his element with Macintosh and Linux systems, and is a quiet advocate of the right to online privacy. Prior to playing science officer at IDG UK, Andrew Harrison worked in technical editing positions at specialist hi-fi, music and audio technology publications.

Storage Buying Advice: How to Store Your Data

We live in a world fueled by data, and PCs and modern digital gadgets need to store their data somewhere.

Promise Delivers on Thunderbolt

After a last minute courier delivery on Thursday morning to CeBIT Hall 2, Promise Technology became the first company at CeBit to demonstrate Thunderbolt.