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Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 review: Unapologetically content-driven

If you dismiss it as "not as good as the iPad Air," you're missing an important point.


Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch review: Third time's the charm

Considerable hardware and software improvements make Amazon's third attempt one of the best content-consumption tablets around.


Hands-on with Kindle Fire HDX, Amazon's next-generation 7 and 9-inch tablets

Loaded with more pixels than you'll know what to do with, the new Fire tablets also include 'X-Ray' features for second-screen TV viewing and a 'Mayday' button for real-time video tech support.


Hands holding camera

Do newspapers 'deserve' to die? Not so fast

Frequent Chicago Sun-Times contributor Andy Ihnatko considers the layoff of the paper's photography department and the tough decisions old media companies need to make in a digital age.


Code Monkey comic

Interview: Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak on their Kickstarter project 'Code Monkey'

JoCo teams up with Greg Pak to bring his signature songs to life in comic form.


20 must-grab digital Marvel Comics

Marvel's promoting free first issues of its comics. Please allow our comics steward, Andy Ihnatko, to make some recommendations.


Why I switched from iPhone to Android

Part one of Andy Ihnatko's story of why one longtime iPhone user has switched to the Samsung Galaxy S III.


IPad Apps: Get Ready for the Second Wave

The iPad itself is nothing but a support system for its software. Years ago, a company -- I think it was Exidy -- tried to sell software as just a plastic bag...

IPad Apps Won't Be at Their Best on Day One

I've just seen a TV piece about The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Like the Rolling Stones, it seems to be (a) on a permanent world tour of North America and Asia...

My Favorite Comic-style Fonts, All on Sale

It’s easy to complain about the soul-eroding tyranny of badly-created, ungodly-overused fonts. In restaurants in some parts of San Francisco, “There’s Comic Sans...

Why MobileMe Is Really Worth It

I’m sure you have that favorite band, TV show, or movie that you absolutely adore and desperately pray to every God listening that you never have to defend in...

Six Things Apple Needs to Do Right Now

Editor's Note: Apple has made a go of this Mac business for 25 years, but who's to say that the company doesn't need some...

How Apple Could Make E-books Work

Since the iPhone App Store opened, a nonnegotiable part of my day is devoted to safely guiding cartoon animals around a...