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Angela West runs a web copywriting business and loves helping business owners with tech and social media.

5 ways to use your bounce rate to improve your website

Are visitors fleeing from your website almost as soon as they get there? There’s a lot you can do to change that. Here’s how to start.

The Top 5 Social Media Management Tools for Small Business

Here are our picks for the best tools for managing your small business's social media presence.

OfficeDrop Adds Right-click Upload Feature

Here's a tool all cloud-storage service providers should offer.

American Shoppers Prefer Convenience of Online Purchasing, Neilsen Reports

This survey should make shopkeepers without an online store reconsider their strategy.

GTD (Getting Things Done) App Recommendations From Real Small-Business Owners

GTD applications are purpose-built to help you manage your time. But which one to choose? We asked real users what they were doing. The results surprised us.

How to Raise Venture Capital Through Crowdfunding

We quiz Scott Steinberg, co-author of the new book "The Crowdfunding Bible," about raising money using sites such as Kickstarter. Bonus: An excerpt from Steinberg's book!

Resources for Building Your Facebook Storefront

The ubiquitous social network is great for generating buzz about your products, but you can also sell your goods and services there.

Why Your Business Still Needs Newsletters

Email marketing remains the most effective means of obtaining new customers and keeping them loyal to your brand.

Alternatives to Google Maps for Webmasters and App Developers

Once free, Google Maps has become very expensive for high-traffic websites. Here are a number of alternatives for webmasters looking to switch.

How to Not Spam Twitter: 5 Tips

Think you're being a good business citizen on Twitter? As Twitter takes action against spammers, pay fresh attention to your tweeting habits.

Keeping Track of Your Expenses: Three Apps to Check Out

These smartphone and tablet apps promise to help you keep a better handle on your receipts and be more organized at tax time.

Keep Your Website Off of Google's Naughty List

Google will soon penalize 'overly optimized' websites. How can your website remain on the search giant's good side?

How to Make Sure That Digital Signature Is Legit

The Federal E-Sign Act is broad, yet contracts signed with a digital signature could be challenged if certain conditions aren't met. Here's how to make sure your e-signature is valid.

PayPal Payments Keeps Shoppers on Your Website

With PayPal Payments, customers can stay on your small business website while they're checking out--and you can accept credit card payments by phone, mail, and fax.

How to Get Started With Infographics

An infographic can create more buzz around your company than a standard press release or blog post. Here are the tools and ingredients you'll need to make one.