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Angela West runs a web copywriting business and loves helping business owners with tech and social media.

Digital Signatures Let You Ditch That Old Fax Machine

E-signatures are easier than ever to make, thanks to Adobe Reader and other services. Best of all, you can say farewell to that dusty fax machine forever.

Why SOPA and PIPA Are Bad for Small Business

The Internet is going haywire over a pair of proposed bills to curb online piracy. Here’s where your small business may feel the pinch if either bill goes through.


Google's 'Good to Know' Is a Great Online Privacy Resource for Business

Although it isn't perfect, this guide from Google is a great resource tool for employee education on internet privacy.

Email, Personal Information on PlayBook Left Vulnerable to Hackers

Researchers have uncovered a vulnerability on the BlackBerry PlayBook that can let an attacker gain access to private user information. Will this erase gains made by RIM with the latest update?

Samsung Galaxy Devices Get Important Security Clearance

The new FIPS-140-2 security rating opens up the devices for use in government applications. What edge does this give Samsung?

More Businesses Will Choose Mac Over Windows: Report

Apple will significantly erode the market for Windows PCs as businesses upgrade machines over the next two years, according to Forrester Research.

Verizon JetPack Hotspots: Take 4G Abroad

Verizon Wireless is offering pocket-size hotspots for Internet access in 205 countries.

Sharp's Huge Whiteboard Carries Executive Price Tag

Sharp's new 80-inch touchscreen display turns a meeting into a truly interactive event, but don't ditch your projector or analog whiteboard just yet.

How to Embed Tweets on Your Website or Blog

It's not hard to embed tweets on your site along with details about replies, retweets, and favorites.

Getting Customers and Merchants to Adopt Mobile Payments

Along with mobile payment systems come worries about fraud, identity theft, and merchant liability. What are mobile payment providers doing to alleviate these concerns?

Eight Easy Ways to Green Your Business

Whether you're eyeing a living wall or shopping for greener gadgets, these tips can help your small business save money and breathe easier.

Five Tips For Your 2012 Social Media Strategy

If you run a business, it's time to plan your marketing strategy--and that means fully embracing social media.

Cool Mobile Accessories to Add to Your Travel Toolkit

These chargers, cases, and other accessories for your smartphones and tablets can help make your trip a little smoother.

Practical Tips for Working Over the Holidays

Nobody wants to work when most people are on vacation, but if you run your own business you may have no choice.

Eight Signs Your Business is Tech-Illiterate

Do you still own a PDA or a pager? How's your dot-matrix printer holding up? If you have a sincere answer to those questions, it's time to upgrade.