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Angela West runs a web copywriting business and loves helping business owners with tech and social media.

Why a Touchscreen PC Should Be Your Next Workstation

Touchscreen PCs have quietly arrived at a price most businesses can afford. Here's why your business should make the leap from the traditional desktop PC.

Why Net Neutrality Is Better for Business

Small businesses should know more about net neutrality and the paid interests that would make it a thing of the past.

For Android, Paid Mobile Security Is Better: Study

When it comes to keeping your Android devices free of malware, it's worth paying for mobile security apps, according to a study. That said, one free app stands out.

Why Facebook Is Better for Business Than Google+

The love-in has started now that Google+ Pages are here, but they don't stack up to Facebook Pages for business.

'Top' News and People Make Twitter Search More Useful

New features being tested by Twitter this week make searches more relevant. How could your company harness them to promote itself?

Google Aims to Mobilize Your Website with GoMo

Attracting smartphone-wielding customers is becoming crucial for more companies. Google's free new tool can help you analyze how well your website works on mobile devices.

How to Create a Google+ Profile from Google Apps

Google Apps for Business users can now get on Google+. Follow these steps to get started.

Five Scary Social Media Horror Stories

You know what’s spooky? Losing business because of something said on the Internet. Here's how to drive a stake through social media nightmares.