windowsxp warning

UK government pays Microsoft £5.5M to extend Windows XP support

The U.K buys 12 months of "breathing space" before support for Windows XP expires.

Small business cybercrime

Brits may consult convicted cybercrooks for tech defense

Convicted computer hackers could be recruited to join the government's new Joint Cyber Reserve, the unit's chief has said.

Domino's Pizza Sales Boosted by Online and Social Media

Domino's Pizza has revealed that its e-commerce function has helped deliver a 11 percent increase in its total sales for the first half of 2012.

FCC Report Prompts Google Street View Probe in UK

A British agency that had dismissed the matter decides to take a second look at possible privacy violations when Google gathered data for its online maps.

HP Reportedly Will Cut 25,000 Jobs

Company won't comment on reports as CEO Whitman visits customers and HP prepares to announce its quarterly financials this month.

The Pirate Bay Supporters Hack Virgin Media

Virgin Media suffered a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on its website at the hands of The Pirate Bay supporters yesterday.

London's Olympics Plans Include Cybersecurity

The 2008 Beijing Olympics experienced 12 million cybersecurity attacks, and organizers expect hackers will try to "disrupt" this year's Games as well.

Open Source Coders are Fresher, Forrester Says

Analyst urges firms to hire software developers who take part in Open Source projects, because it shows they're keeping their skills current.

Sellers of Stolen Data Shuttered

British and U.S. cybercrime investigators have shut down 36 websites accused of selling stolen bank account information during a crackdown.

Video Has 'largest Impact' on Business Networks

Video currently has the biggest impact on business networks, according to network solution providers.

Most Businesses Withhold Real-time Data From Employees, Says Survey

Only 40 percent of businesses provide data to their employees in true real time, a survey has found.

Google Apps Attracts 3000 New Businesses a Day, Search Giant Says

Most of the companies adopting Google Apps are small and midsize businesses, not massive corporations, says Google.

Lower Your Costs by Buying Blade 'Bundles,' Says IDC

Organizations may be able to reduce their hardware costs by buying blade servers bundled with other kit, according to analyst IDC.

Google Leads Tech Salaries

Here's how some of the leading tech firms stack up, in terms of starting and mid-career pay, average age of employees and opportunities for women.

Open University Launches Business-Led IT Degrees

Open University has launched two new computing and IT degrees that it says will make students ready for business on graduation.