IT Workers Need Green Skills, Says BCS

IT professionals need new skills to deliver green IT solutions, says an industry training group.

Email Archiving Helps Brunel University Halve Its Data Back-up Time

Brunel University has been able to more than double its data back-up speed with the help of an email archive system.

Cost Is No Longer Main Driver for Cloud Adoption

Just 16 percent of UK firms consider cost to be the main driver for initial cloud adoption, a new survey from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has found.

Demand for IT Workers Outstrips Supply for First Time Since 2008

Demand for IT skills has exceeded supply for the first time since the end of 2008, according to e-skills UK's latest jobs report.

Browser Security Called Key to Mobile Safety

Because embedded browsers are the interface for mobile devices, browser security is critical, Forrester analyst says.

Forrester: IT Staff Must Become 'Teachers' to the Business

The IT department will need to be equipped with teaching skills if they want to be of value to businesses of the future, according to Forrester.

Cloud Computing Is Just Outsourcing, Says Forum

Information security professionals should treat cloud computing as they would any other external supplier

Survey: Mobile Devices Pose One of the Top Security Threats

After application vulnerabilities, information security professionals are most concerned by the threats posed by mobile devices, a survey has revealed.

IT is Key to Driving Productivity, Intellect Says

Intellect has agreed with government ministers plans to hold a technology summit to examine how IT can play a role in the UK's growth strategy.

London Olympics Will Be 'Ready' for Cyber Attacks, Says CIO

The London Olympic Games; IT will be well prepared for cyberattack attempts, according to London 2012 CIO Gerry Pennell.

Bank of America Outage -- Not Related to Wikileaks

Bank of America (BofA) has said that a 'routine systems change' had caused its online banking service to go offline on Friday, not a Wikileaks attack.

Facebook Mentions in Police Calls Soar

More than 7,000 calls to the police this year mentioned Facebook, according to recently-released figures.

Consumerization of IT Unstoppable, Says Orange

The consumerization of IT is an unavoidable phenomenon that will force businesses to rethink their security policies and empower their employees, according to Orange.

Efficiency and Service Delivery Driving IT Skills Demand

The need to improve the delivery of processes and services was the most important factor driving demand for IT skills over the past year, a Forrester survey found.

Threat of Cyberwar Calls for Treaties, Hotlines

A security expert suggests governments update conventional warfare strategies to deal with digital weaponry.