Businesses Don't Know Environmental Effect of Data Centers

A survey of 100 CIOs and data center managers in the U.K. has shown that 53 percent of respondents do not know the environmental impact of their own data centers.

Hire Green IT Managers Now, Forrester Urges

Infrastructure and operations leaders should be now investing in green IT managers, not more technology and process improvement, to maximize value, according to...

One Manager to Five Suppliers Is Ideal, Forrester Says

Successful vendor management requires organizations to have one manager for every five suppliers, according to Forrester.

Businesses Have 'Yet to Take Advantage of Social Media Data'

Businesses are still cautious about investing in social media analytics, despite the hype around social media and the role it plays.

Gartner: Social Media Is Vital to Online Business Strategies

Understanding customers and their context is crucial for developing a successful online strategy, Gartner has said.

British Library Explores Research Tech of the Future

Growing Knowledge exhibition offers high-tech tools for current research and a chance to shape resource priorities for the library's next decade.


IBM Launches Cloud Computing Lab

IBM has launched a cloud computing lab in the UK to help its business partners enable their technologies with cloud capabilities.

BlackBerrys Help the Cops in UK City

South Yorkshire Police says it has increased the visibility of its officers patrolling the streets by adopting BlackBerry technology.

Cloud Computing Makes Up 10 Percent of External IT Budgets

Companies spend around 10.2 percent of their budget for external IT services on cloud computing, according to a new Gartner survey.

Forrester: Be Aware of Microsoft's Licensing Changes

Analyst house Forrester has identified five key issues that IT buyers need to consider before purchasing Microsoft products and upgrades after the company's...

Workplace Snooping and Data Theft on the Rise

Thirty-five percent of companies believe that their organization's sensitive information has been given to competitors, according to a new survey.

Permanent IT Jobs 'Returning to Growth'

IT jobs--notably including management roles--appear to be showing signs of recovery.

Facebook Hires Former Bush Regulator for Privacy Defense

Facebook has hired lawyer Tim Muris, a former senior regulator in the Bush administration, to defend its privacy policies against government scrutiny.

Brits Take Campaigns -- and Dirty Tricks -- Online

UK elections employ Google Adwords, Twitter, and other Web tools in election battle.