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I write feature stories aimed at enterprise IT pros. I’m particularly interested in career-related subjects, such as hiring trends, salary data, in-demand skills and staffing strategies. I can’t resist stories about buildings and architectural design.


Tech patent leader remains IBM, but Google accelerates

IBM acquired more U.S. patents than any other company for the 21st year in a row. But Google has quickened its patent pace and climbed to No. 11 in the rankings.

Is Yahoo's telework ban shortsighted or savvy?

Employee morale will plummet and key people will quit as Yahoo forces workers to the office, critics say. But data about telecommuting comes to different conclusions.


IBM dominates 2012 patent count with Google, Apple surging

IBM earned 6,478 utility patents last year, topping the list of patent winners for the 20th year in a row

Get a grip: 18 winter gloves that work with smartphones, tablets

Smart gloves with conductive fabrics let you operate smartphones, tablets and e-readers without exposing your digits.


Far fewer CIOs blocking holiday shopping at work

Last year, 60 percent of CIOs polled said their companies block access to online shopping sites. Today, only 33 percent block access to retail sites, according to survey data from staffing firm Robert Half Technology.

Top 5 Cities for Big Data Jobs

San Francisco tops the Modis list, followed by McLean, Va., Boston, St. Louis and Toronto, and the roles that companies in these cities are fighting to fill include data scientist, data analyst, business intelligence professional and data modeling/data modeler.


Gorgeous Tech: 25 Award-Winning Designs

The international red dot awards program recognizes outstanding product designs across numerous categories, including tech.


25 Geeky Gifts for Mother's Day

Cool, fun and practical, these Mother's Day gifts have a tech edge.

BYOD: "The Inmates of the Asylum Have Control"

Influx of personal mobile devices to the corporate network is raising security concerns for IT pros.

Video Game Art: Smithsonian Exhibit Celebrates 40 Years of Creativity

"The Art of Video Games" exhibit runs at the Smithsonian American Art Museum from March 16 through September 30, 2012.

Miami Dolphins Dive Into Cloud Analytics

The Miami Dolphins teamed with IBM to deploy a cloud-based analytics system that helps stadium staff to be proactive about potentially disruptive events, such as parking bottlenecks, concession stand inventory shortages, and inclement weather.

What Would You Give Up to Telecommute?

To some U.S. workers, telecommuting is a higher priority than many of life's perks, including raises, vacation time, shopping and social media.

25 Techie Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

From subtle geekery to blatantly techie devices, Valentine’s Day gifts suit a range of personalities.

IBM Wins Most Patents for 19th Straight Year

IBM retained its patent crown for 2011, topping the list of U.S. patent winners for the 19th year. The only other U.S. company to make the top 10 is Microsoft.

Shoppers on iPads Spend More

Record numbers of consumers are already shifting their shopping from PCs to mobile devices, and the bigger spenders are using iPads, research reveals.