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I write feature stories aimed at enterprise IT pros. I’m particularly interested in career-related subjects, such as hiring trends, salary data, in-demand skills and staffing strategies. I can’t resist stories about buildings and architectural design.

Browser Wars: IE vs. Firefox vs. Chrome vs. Safari vs. Opera

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are battling for the No. 2 position; could No. 1 player Microsoft eventually be unseated?

Allow Social Media vs. Ban Social Media at Work

To Tweet or not to Tweet? It's a complicated question.

5 Tech Pros Companies Want to Hire

Networking pros are among the top five tech professionals that companies want to hire, according to Robert Half Technology.

CEO Steve Ballmer 'Underpaid,' Microsoft Says

The CEOs in Steve Ballmer's peer group make up to $15.8 million on average, Microsoft estimates.

Consumer Devices Create Security Headaches for IT

Security and management concerns are multiplying for IT pros as more and more employees use personal devices for work purposes.

HP's 12c Financial Calculator Turns 30

Designed for dealmakers, the 12c is engineered to handle complex formulas for calculating loan payments, determining bond yields, and constructing depreciation...

5 Surprising IT Skills That Hiring Managers Want Now

Tech careers site identified five up-and-coming IT skills based on searches of its resume database.

9 Gigantic Bonuses That Make Yours Look Like Chump Change

Big bonuses are back. Nine tech CEOs received cash bonuses of $3 million or more in 2010, and another 13 netted at least $1 million in cash payouts.

IBM at 100: How Big Blue Helped Redefine Corporate Architecture

Initiated by IBM President Thomas Watson Jr., Big Blue's building boom cemented the company's role as a leading patron of modern design and architecture.

Computer Science Grads Fielding 'Multiple Job Offers'

It's good to be a computer science major these days.

CEO Payday: What Tech's Top Execs Raked In For 2010

Bonuses, equity awards and perks add up to big pay packages for tech CEOs.

25 Geeky Gifts for Cool Moms

Still searching for the perfect Mother's Day gift? Here are a few geek-friendly gifts for all tastes and budgets, including binary-inspired jewelry, icon pillows and custom Jack Purcells.

CEO Salaries: 10 Travesties, Trends, and Token Gestures

As companies rode out the recession and slowly regained some sales momentum last year, profits started improving and stock prices began to recover. For CEOs that could only mean one thing: pay raises.

Get a Net Workout With Cloud-Enabled Gym Gear

High-tech gym equipment uses cloud computing to customize workouts. You can even watch HDTV programming while you sweat.

Would You Take a Pay Cut to Telecommute?

IT pros want to telecommute--so much so that 35 percent told they would take a pay cut for the chance to work full time from home.