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I write feature stories aimed at enterprise IT pros. I’m particularly interested in career-related subjects, such as hiring trends, salary data, in-demand skills and staffing strategies. I can’t resist stories about buildings and architectural design.

Employees Cranky About Web Browsing Restrictions

Workers who can't browse certain Web sites or access particular networks at the office are voicing their complaints, says staffing firm Robert Half Technology.

Top 5 Network Management Investments

The proliferation of virtualization technologies is putting pressure on IT teams to start automating more processes.

Mark Hurd: Reviewing His HP Tenure

A sexual harassment claim prompts the CEO quits after five years of rebuilding Hewlett-Packard's name; how has he changed the company, and what may change now?

IT Career Site Dice Launches Network for Tech Recruiters, Job Hunters

Want to mingle with tech recruiters? Get to know hiring managers in the companies you might be interested in joining? IT job site has launched a network.

HP Bakes Automation Into New Servers, Storage, Energy-Management Wares

HP kicked off its Tech Forum this week and announced 10 new ProLiant servers and upgrades to its Virtual Connect connectivity portfolio.

VMware vs. Microsoft vs. Citrix

Server virtualization is no longer a one-horse race, as Microsoft, Citrix and others compete more convincingly with market leader VMware.

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Gadget Lovers

Gizmos and gadgets that are fun, practical, and perfect for the most (and least) tech-savvy moms.


CEO Pay Day: Tech Leaders Still Rake It In

The recession's dragging on, but fear not: Tech's top brass took home lofty salaries and bonuses last year.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Geeks

Eight cool, tech-inspired options to bestow upon your beloved on February 14.

Tech Industry Trends 2010: A Year of Guarded Hope

What 2009 changed, and what we can expect in the coming 12 months.


Trick Out Your Home Office in Style

The coolest office furniture and IT gear — including new releases and celebrated classics — can turn your drab workspace into your dream home office.

Is Telecommuting the Way to Avoid Swine Flu?

The threat of a flu outbreak prompts companies to reconsider their telework options.

Reading IT's Tea Leaves for 2009

Our aggregation of 2009 predictions finds prognosticators forecasting everything from increased IT money concerns and security issues to a ripening acquisition market.


Sun Sheds Light on Telework Savings

New study quantifies the energy savings associated with teleworkers.