Tech Gifts Under $100

Our reasonably priced gift suggestions are perfect for home-theater owners, music lovers, gamers, Star Wars fans, the eco-conscious, and more.


The $99 HP TouchPad Tablet Rises From the Dead

Still interested in buying a TouchPad tablet? HP says it will produce one last run of the discontinued hardware but won't commit to how many or when they will arrive.


Royal Wedding Frenzy: Parody Heaven, Souvenir Hell

Half the world will view this once-in-a-lifetime event. The other half is frantically posting parody videos, tweets, and selling really bad souvenirs. Guess whose side we're on?

Skeptical Shopper: Know Who Your Online Seller Is Before You Hit 'Buy'

Just because you're on the Amazon or Sears Website doesn't mean you are buying from Amazon or Sears. And the actual seller's return and refund policies may not suit you.


Welcome to the Peep-a-Palooza!

Mad geniuses across the nation immortalize games, movies, tech product announcements, and iconic sci-fi moments in dioramas built using our favorite Easter candy: Marshmallow Peeps. Take a look at some of the best.

Skeptical Shopper: Sites Help Neighbors Rent Equipment

Need a tool for a day? Specialty sites like Zilok help you find a neighbor willing to rent it to you.

Skeptical Shopper: Sell Your Gently Used Tech Gadgets Online

Fund a new phone, tablet, or netbook by selling your current one. Here’s how to pick a site that will treat you fairly.

Can a Phone Become Your Digital Wallet?

Many new smartphones will be able to replace a debit card, but most stores aren’t prepared for phone payments.


Outstanding Tech Gifts You Didn't Get--But Wish You Had

You've opened all the boxes, but that hot laptop, powerful gaming PC, or fancy digital camera just didn't appear. Here are our picks for tech gear and gadgets we hoped would be under our tree too, but weren't.


How to Win the Rebate Game

Rebates aren’t always about mailing in paperwork. You may be able to work the rebate system to suit your needs.


Is Black Friday Dead on Arrival?

If you wait until the day after Thanksgiving for your tech bargains, the best may have already passed you by. Get clicking. The deal frenzy is already in full swing.


100 Best Products of the Year on PCWorld Podcast #96

Join the editors of PCWorld for a look at some of the hottest products of 2010.


What Are the Best Products of 2010? You Tell Us!

Use our Facebook app and tell us what you think are the top five products for 2010.

Camping Tech: Outdoor Gadget Excess

Even geeks and gadget fans go outside once in a while. This innovative gear will make you the envy of other campers while you're enjoying the great outdoors.


Kids Review Kids' Tech

We turned kids loose on the children's version of e-readers, laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, and gaming handhelds. Here's what they really thought of them. (Hint: 'I wish it had a touchscreen!')