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Five new flaws found in the latest version of Java

This latest vulnerability report follows a week after the same company reported two other holes in Oracle's plug-in

internet data

Islamic group promises to resume U.S. bank cyberattacks

Cyber Fighters have claimed responsibility for five waves of attacks against banks since last September

Zendesk hack a reminder of SaaS risk

Third-party cloud provider hack behind compromised user data from Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest

Lessons from the hack attack on The New York Times

No single technology can combat a sophisticated attack like the one against the media company, say security experts, who recommend layers of protection and surveillance.

Printers join fray in network vulnerability landscape

Google find of 86,800 public HP printers could prompt cybercriminals to penetrate corporate networks or steal sensitive documents, expert warns

Facebook's Graph Search raises concerns from security experts

Facebook's new Graph Search has security experts warning people who use the social network to raise their privacy settings in order to avoid embarrassment or becoming victims of cybercriminals.

Storify shows Facebook privacy more illusion than fact

Facebook passes the buck to users, but that is seen as an example of why privacy advocates want tougher restrictions on Facebook

Cisco investigates reported Linksys router flaw

DefenseCode said it discovered the firmware flaw and reported it to Cisco 'months ago.'


Bogus Chrome update offers shadow real updates

While bogus upgrades do not follow every Chrome update, security vendor GFI Software expects criminals to set more traps in the future.

Denial-of-service attacks are expected to go mobile

While no DDoS attacks have yet been linked to mobile devices, one analyst is convinced it's only a matter of time before one spreads via smartphones.

Cyberattack data sharing may be on horizon

The National Strategy for Information Sharing and Safeguarding is seen as a small step as lawmakers struggle with much broader regulations governing data sharing between government and private industry.

DOJ to use prosecutorial powers in state-sponsored cyberespionage

The National Security Division of Department of Justice is creating a new position called the National Security Cybersecurity Specialist.

Malware-infested Chinese PCs pose risk to the United States

Bogus copies of Microsoft's operating system oftentimes end up as zombies within botnets and spread spam and malware beyond borders.

Recent botnets busted by FBI were lame, but still dangerous

A criminal organization recently busted by law enforcement distributed malware on Facebook using two separate botnets built from tools that are easily found in the hacker underground, a security expert said. The operation shows that deep technical knowledge is not needed to run a lucrative botnet.


Google's Android app scanner falls short in security test

Out of more than 1,200 malware samples, Google's technology for scanning third-party smartphone apps detected only 193