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Mobile malware shifts to SMS fraud

The new name in fraud has become the top threat globally in the first quarter of this year, accounting for 62% of all application-based threats.

FBI hack would pose 'medium' risk to iPhone users

Agency denies theft of laptop with Apple unique device IDs, but one expert believes says, 'It would be hard to fake such data'.

Hackers Shift Tactics, Study Warns

Drive-by attacks, spear phishing, and advanced malware are favorite weapons to attack the typical first lines of defense, FireEye reports.

iPhone SMS Bug Remains Threat

Vulnerability in iOS allows an attacker to send a text message that appears to come from a trusted source, says a security researcher.

Feds Crack Down on Pirated Android Apps

The Department of Justice has seized at least three websites for allegedly selling pirated mobile apps, in an apparent campaign against illicit markets.


Adobe Reader Patches 'Incomplete'

Google's Chrome security team urges caution with some PDF files.

Teaming Gmail, Google Search Not Security Risk

While the new service is not likely to open doors to attacks, privacy concerns may worry some users enough that they'll opt out, expert says.

Hackers Increasingly Target Small Businesses, Symantec Warns

Attacks on small businesses have doubled this year, primarily on companies in the defense industry.

Dropbox Gets a Black Eye in Spam Attack

Efforts to mature into a more enterprise-ready service take a hit.

Security Experts Cold on Former FBI Official's Black Hat Keynote

Call for business to 'step up' in fight against cyber attacks sparks discussion of proper private, public roles.

Skype Downplays Eavesdropping Concerns

Privacy unaffected by architecture change, says Microsoft-owned online video chat and calling company

Spam Halved With Grum Takedown

When a global cooperative shut down the infamous Grum botnet, the result should cut worldwide spam in half.

Facebook Security 'Checkpoint' Hits Roadblock

Some users say their Facebook accounts were locked when they tried to use the new service.

Yahoo Security Breach Shocks Experts

Company failed to take even basic precautions to stop 450,000 usernames and passwords from being exposed.

Android Security Unaffected by Adobe Dropping Flash

Whether the tech replacing Flash Player will pose a greater risk is not yet known, security expert notes.