Google Expands Indoor Maps Selection

The map app that includes public sites has broadened its resources to include a number of venues in the UK.

Linx Fortifies Internet Infrastructure for Olympics

Linx is now deploying BlackDiamond X8 switches from Extreme Networks in preparation for the Olympics to handle the onslaught of Internet traffic.

Mobile Workers Work Longer Hours

Almost two-thirds of mobile employees say they are working 50 to 60 hour-plus weeks, with most working weekends too, according to research.

Car Insurance Firm Uses Analytics to Set Premiums

Car insurance firm insurethebox is using a business analytics appliance to analyse drivers' habits and set insurance premiums based on how safe they drive using telematics.

Data Privacy Concerns Keep Citizens from Contacting Government Online

Despite the majority of UK citizens saying they access government services digitally, a third are concerned about their personal data.

ARM Unveils High Performance Quad-Core Chip

ARM has launched a higher-performance chip for laptops that also delivers more efficient power management.

Tablet Users Struggle With Many Websites, Survey Says

Tablet users are being let down by poor-performing websites and the companies behind those websites are potentially losing large amounts of cash as a result.

ICANN Plan for Industry Domains Blasted by European Banks

The European Banking Authority says new top level domains for the financial services industry could boost fraud and phishing.