BlackBerry Service Crashes in Europe

Users on all UK networks and in other countries are reporting an extensive data outage, cutting them off from e-mail, instant messaging and the web.

Airline Passengers Demanding Better Smartphone Services

Airlines and airports will have to gear themselves up to support airline passengers demanding to use their smartphones to check-in online and get flight and airport gate information.

IT Departments Concerned About Cloud Capacity

Only one-in-ten IT directors believe the bandwidth at their disposal is sufficient for migrating data and applications into the cloud.

Risk to Cloud Adoption Because IT Departments 'short on Time'

Widespread adoption of cloud computing could be threatened because IT departments do not have the time to get it off the ground, according to a report.

Dell: Storage Is One of the Most Exciting Aspects of the Business

Michael Dell has trumpeted his love for all things data storage at his company's first ever Storage Forum in Orlando this week.

Dell Throws Down the Data Storage Gauntlet

Dell has thrown down the data storage gauntlet to rival HP.

CFOs Make the IT Decisions in Nearly Half of Businesses, Says Gartner

The chief financial officer is becoming the top technology decision maker in around half of businesses, according to Gartner research.

IT Jobs Market Outpacing Other Sectors

The number of permanent placements in IT rose at a faster pace in April than the month before, and growth was higher than any other sector.

Web Called Vulnerable to Hacks, Malware, and Attacks

Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are increasing, but response to the threat is slow, McAfee warns.

Supercomputers Eyed to Predict Natural Disaster

High-performance computing environments can model natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, expert says.

Four in 10 Small Businesses Planning Cloud Computing, Says Microsoft

Almost 40 percent of small and midsize enterprises expect to pay for one or more cloud services within three years, according to a Microsoft report.

Gartner: Businesses Must Prioritize Information Management

Analysts at Gartner have said businesses need to take information management seriously and not just rely on technology to solve their challenges.

IT Producers Must Manage E-waste, Says Computer Aid

A report from Computer Aid International calls for IT manufacturers to take full responsibility for the environmental cost of their products.

Skype Aids Communications for Remote UN Refugee Workers

Humanitarian workers in the most remote parts of the world find a low-cost way to communicate with colleagues, friends, and families.


Cybercrooks Use USB Devices in Attacks

Malware spreads by taking advantage of the Windows AutoRun function in 1 out of 8 attacks, says security software firm Avast.