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Armando is an Android nerd, covering both apps and phones, and a former programmer. He is also a world-class heckler on Twitter.

LinkedIn Hack FAQ: What You Need to Know

Worried that your LinkedIn account has fallen victim to hackers? Here's what to do next to safeguard your account.

Nintendo's E3 Is All About Games for the Wii U and 3DS

Nintendo shows us how to do E3 right by showing off tons of games including Pikmin 3, Luigi's Mansion 2, and Wii Fit U.


Microsoft at E3 2012: New Technologies, New Games, and Arrival Dates

Games and software--including Halo 4 and Microsoft's new SmartGlass technology--dominated Microsoft's E3 keynote this year. Let's take a look at what the company discussed.

Android Phones: Which Companies Do the Best Job With Android Updates?

Are you choosing a new Android phone? We evaluate which carriers and manufacturers have the strongest track record for delivering Android updates.


Samsung Galaxy S III Teardown Reveals Some Interesting Secrets

A teardown of the Samsung Galaxy S III shows that the phone has a camera similar to the one in the iPhone 4S.


Windows 8 Release Preview, Desktop Apps for Android, and the coming E3 Expo on PCWorld Podcast #139

PCWorld editors discuss the just-released Windows 8 Release Preview, some apps to make your desktop or laptop PC work with your Android phone, and what we expect from the E3 Expo next week.

Stop What You're Doing and Go Buy the Humble Indie Bundle

The latest Humble Indie Bundle is the best one yet and features several award-winning games.

Hotspot Shield Comes To Android, Keeps Your Mobile Browsing Secure

Anchorfree's new app can prove useful if you frequently surf on public Wi-Fi networks while on your mobile phone.


Fill Your Mobile Security Toolbox

Malware isn't the only threat to your smartphone. These handy utilities will block snoops and control rogue apps on your Android handset or iPhone.

Judge Won't Let You Get Your Game On, Recommends Xbox 360 Ban

An ITC judges wants to prevent the import and sale of Xbox 360s in the United States.

Dear Google: Android Needs Your Help

The search giant is ignoring its mobile OS, and the neglect is starting to show in poor apps and defecting developers.


Raditaz Gets Re-Designed, Also Gains Song Lyrics

Raditaz adds lyrics and artist bios to its music streaming service.


How to Buy a Router

Buying a router may not be at the top of everyone's to-do list, but a new model can mean the difference between enjoying Netflix in HD and seeing a grainy mess of substandard video.

HTC One X Review: Beautiful, But Not Without Its Shortcomings

Even with its poor call quality and inferior audio recording capabilities, the HTC One X is worth considering if you're in the market for a high-end Android phone.


HTC Titan 2 Review: Impressive Camera, Not So Impressive Screen

With its excellent camera, the HTC Titan 2 is the perfect phone for mobile shutterbugs--provided that your hands are big enough to hold the phone comfortably.