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Armando is an Android nerd, covering both apps and phones, and a former programmer. He is also a world-class heckler on Twitter.

HTC Titan 2 Review: Impressive Camera, Not So Impressive Screen

With its excellent camera, the HTC Titan 2 is the perfect phone for mobile shutterbugs--provided that your hands are big enough to hold the phone comfortably.

Sprint Samsung Galaxy Nexus Available For Pre-Order

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus hits Sprint with full Google Wallet support and Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Springpad Releases Major Update, Adds Social Collaboration

Springpad goes beyond plain-old notes, and now allows you to create shared notebooks that are both visually pleasing and functional.

Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Cheap Android Phones

Not everything that's free is good. When it comes to Android phones, free can be a bad thing.

New SwiftKey 3 Keyboard App for Android Kills the Need for Spacebar Accuracy

The popular third-party Android keyboard app, now in beta, figures out for you where you need to insert spaces while you type emails or Facebook updates, along with other improvements.

Surprise! More Malware Appears On Android

DKFBootKit is the latest bit of malware threatening Android users.

Epson's Android-Powered Glasses Are Out of Sight

Welcome to the future: Now everyone can have their own personal heads-up display, thanks to Epson.

Lost Your Phone? Lookout's Latest Report Shows You're Not Alone

Lookout gives us stats on which cities you are most likely to lose your phone in.

Why Are There So Many Toilet Robots?

Because when nature comes a-calling, the last thing you want to see is something unnatural.

The Gamer's Guide to the iPad

Tablets are for more than just browsing the web and answering email; they are also great for playing games. Here are a few tips and games to get your started with your new iPad.

Android's Permission Problems

Apps are notorious for leaking information, but can you really do anything about it?

The New iPad, Mobile World Congress Recap, and Windows 8 Consumer Preview on PCWorld Podcast #133

The third-generation iPad with Retina display is here, plus we wrap up the cool announces at Mobile World and talk about life with Microsoft's downloadable Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

LG Connect 4G Review: Dual-Core Goes Prepaid

The first prepaid dual-core phone on MetroPCS, the Connect 4G has its fair share of strengths and weaknesses.

ZTE Announces the Affordable ZTE Fury

ZTE's latest smartphone offering won't drain your bank account.

Which Android Security Tools Are Worth Your Time?

Not all mobile security software is created equal. Which mobile security apps do what they say on the box?