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Armando is an Android nerd, covering both apps and phones, and a former programmer. He is also a world-class heckler on Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Hits Verizon on December 15th

The wait is over! The Galaxy Nexus with Android Ice Cream Sandwich will be heading to the US tomorrow.

ZTE Warp Review: Boost Mobile’s Android Gem

There is a lot to like about the ZTE Warp, particularly because of its excellent performance.

Android in 2012: What’s Next

Better graphics, better cameras, and maybe even a voice-command feature (like Siri in the latest Apple iOS iteration)--all could be on the horizon for Internet search leader Google.

Xenoblade Chronicles Gets Localized, Headed To The Wii In The Spring

The hit RPG Xenoblade Chronicles is finally coming to the U.S. as a Gamestop exclusive.

Great Apps for Any Phone

Whether you have an Android phone, an iPhone, a Windows Phone 7 handset, or a BlackBerry smartphone, these cool apps will help you stay organized, save money, be productive, and have fun. Best of all, most of them are free!

Great Apps for Windows Phone 7

Check out these 10 top-notch applications for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

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Here are 35 outstanding applications for Apple's iOS mobile operating system.

Great Apps for BlackBerry

These seven useful applications will help you get more from your BlackBerry OS mobile device.

Great Apps for Android

We identify 36 smart and practical applications to enhance devices that run Google's Android mobile operating system.

Total Defense Mobile Security App Review: Lots Of Features, But Not Many Feel Finished

Total Defense's Mobile Security app does have a few good points, but they are overshadowed by what feels like a half-finished design and features that did not work.

Task-Killer Apps: Will They Help or Hurt Your Battery Life?

Lots of Android users say apps such as Advanced Task Killer help save a phone's battery life. Others are convinced that task killers use more juice than they save. The PCWorld Labs investigated.

Get Started With Google's New Music Store

The Google music store, announced Wednesday, provides an good iTunes alternative to Android users and music fans alike.


Google Releases Ice Cream Sandwich Source Code, Galaxy Nexus Coming Soon?

The Ice Cream Sandwich source is now available for download. Severs can't seem to keep up with demand.