Ashleigh AllsoppSenior Staff Writer, Macworld U.K.

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Ashleigh is Senior Staff Writer for the Tech Media group in the U.K. An Apple fan through-and-through, she keeps readers up to date with the latest news, reviews, features and tutorials. She particularly enjoys spreading the gossip about upcoming Apple products and pondering over leaked parts. When she isn’t busy typing about tech, Ashleigh can be found with her head buried in a novel. Unless there’s a McFly concert happening somewhere.

'Highly Confidential' iPad and iPhone Prototypes Revealed in Samsung vs. Apple Trial (Photos)

Court documents have revealed "highly confidential" photographs of early iPad and iPhone prototypes, and even hint of next-generation characteristics.

Mac Store Asks for Retina-Ready App Icons

Developers are now required to provide Retina-ready 1024-by-1024 icons when submitting an app to Apple's Mac App Store.

Airline Replaces In-flight Entertainment Units With iPads

Apple's iOS devices are proving to be extremely popular with Australian airline Qantas, which has now announced that it will be replacing its in-flight entertainment units with iPads.

Photos of the Earliest Known IPad Prototype Emerge

In 2010, Steve Jobs revealed that the iPhone was inspired by tablet prototypes. Photographs of those prototypes have now been discovered.

Steve Jobs Gave Up on Social Because Zuckerberg 'Did It So Well'

Walter Isaacson, the author of the best selling Steve Jobs biography, has revealed that Apple's late co-founder didn't venture further into social because Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg did it so well.

iPad Enters Qantas Cockpits

Australian airline is lightening its load by scrapping paper documents and giving its pilots iPads for use during flights.

Angry Birds Makers Working on Angry Pigs Game

Rovio, the developers behind Angry Birds, are working on a sequel to the best selling app that will be played from the pigs's perspective.

Apple Removes Negative App Reviews Caused by Update Crashing Bug

Apple has begun removing negative app reviews from apps that were affected by the bug that caused updates to crash last week.

Apple Fights for Snow Leopard Trademark in China

A Chinese company accuses Apple of infringing its trademark of the name Snow Leopard, in the wake of a multimillion-dollar settlement over the name iPad.

Does Apple Really Need a 7-inch iPad?

Pundits, fans, and Apple-watchers of all stripes are chatting about the rumored 7-inch iPad and drawing wildly different conclusions.


Apple Could Overtake Windows Platform in Two Years, Analyst Says

Apple has almost reached Microsoft's once seemingly unbeatable lead in the platform war, new data reveals.

Pixar Pays Tribute to Steve Jobs in Upcoming 'Brave' Release

Pixar's new film pays tribute to Steve Jobs in its closing credits, calling Apple's late co-founder a mentor and a friend.