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Apple's 11 Most Intriguing Computer Designs

From the first Apple to the MacBook Air, Macs have been regarded as technologically innovative, beautiful in product design and, over time, become just plain cool.

Tech Togs: Nine Geek Chic Outfits

Depend on your gadgets? Designers are making technology crucial to another area of our lives: our closets. From the practical to attention-getters, wearable technology offers new alternatives to standard geekware.

Startup Smarts: 3 Tips for Better Business

The relationships between startups and older organizations is comparable to the relationship between siblings.

Valentine's Day Fun for Geeks

The romantic holiday needn't be all red roses and love songs. Try these tips for a tech-tinged Valentine's Day.

Apple vs. Microsoft - But This Time in the Recession Ring

Microsoft recently cut 1,400 jobs of its planned 5,000 person layoff-and it's not alone.

Can't Toss that Old Mac? Transform it

Artificial intelligence researchers are harvesting the "brains" of obsolete Macs for some creative projects.

Businesses Make the Move to Mac OS

The Mac OS has long been known as an operating system for graphic artists and creative folks, but that may be about to change.


Telecommuting Resource Guide

Need to get started on the business aspects of telecommuting, remote workers and flextime? Here are some of the best articles on the subject.

Wearing Tech: Where Fashion Meets Technology

New ways to wear technology are affecting everything from the health care field to the halls of academia to the catwalk. Even fashion designers are getting into the wearable computing act.

Why Open Source and the Net Must Play a Role in Medicine

Lessons that hospitals and healthcare can learn from Open Source initiatives, including benefits of online medical records.