DigiYumi: Interview with Working Daze Author John Zakour

Interview with sci-fi novelist and comic writer John Zakour about writing and Working Daze Character Roy's quest to get 1k twitter followers by June 10th.

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Security Alert: Twitter Porn Names Scam

Current top trending topic on Twitter (#TwitterPornNames) is just a way to get you to reveal answers to your personal security questions.

DigiYumi: Peta 2 Kills Virtual Seals in World of Warcraft

Peta 2 kills seals to show that killing seals is wrong.

DigiYumi: The Hypocrisy of Facebook

On the outside Facebook may look like any other social networking site, however beyond the facade lay a blatant hypocrisy.

Objection! Video Game Review

Step into the virtual courtroom with the Objection! game series. The first video game to ever become professionally certified.

Yumi's Favorite iPod Applications

The iPod can do almost everything the iphone can do. Explore the world of iPod applications with a list of Yumi's favorite ipod apps.

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DigiYumi: Xbox Live Real Life Security Issues

An interview with a victim of Microsoft's current predatory business model for Xbox Live who was overcharged for 3 years.

DigiYumi: Xbox Live Personal 'Security' Issues

Xbox Live Gold subscription and personal security issues to be aware of.

Baby Bear for Blizzard's Birthday

World of Warcraft celebrates its 4-year anniversary with a free bind on account companion pet.

DigiYumi: Commercial Wars

A review of Microsoft's commercial advertisements 'I'm a PC'.