5 Questions to Ask Your Data Center

Finding out these five things will let you know if the data center your company relies upon is up-to-date, secure, and energy efficient.

5 Things to Learn From Amazon's Latest PR Disaster

Good business doesn’t mean giving a platform to everyone. Here's what to learn from Amazon's pubblic relations debacle over a self-published guide for pedophiles.

5 Reasons You Don't Need an E-Book Reader

While color E Ink and low prices could motivate more people to buy e-book readers, most businesses shouldn't bother.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Doesn't Need to Beat iPad Sales

Samsung says it will sell one million Galaxy Tabs by the end of the year, only a fraction of Apple's iPad business. That still doesn't mean the Tab will beat the iPad, but here's why it doesn't matter.

MacBook Air Bugs Are a Reminder of iPhone Woes

If bugs with the new, ultraslim MacBook Air are the result of Apple hurrying the product to market, the company should know better by now.

T-Mobile Doesn't Have 4G, and There’s No Santa Claus

T-Mobile’s claim that it offers a 4G network may be wrong, but so is every other company's.

Windows Phone 7 May Be On to Something

Microsoft's new commercials are targeting smartphone critics as well as users, but the company would be wiser to target its bread and butter: business customers.

Size Matters For Tablet PCs

The move to small tablet PCs with 7-inch displays is happening, whether buyers like it or not.

Acer and Asus Take a Stab at iPad Killers

Acer and Asus are ready to launch tablet computers in different price ranges, posing a potential threat to the dominance of the Apple iPad.

MacBook Air Too Expensive Beyond the Boardroom

The MacBook Air's price tag is a little too high for businesses, but the thin laptop will make its way into the hands of executives.

What Microsoft Should Do With Windows 8

Microsoft could release Windows 8 by 2012, but it needs to compete with innovations from Apple and provide safe integration across desktop and mobile devices.

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Windows Phone Marketplace Is Weak at 1000 Apps

Windows Phone 7 may have 1000 apps out of the gate, but so far, few are relevant to business tasks--a perilous situation for a mobile OS competing with Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

Verizon and AT&T Go Head to Head

AT&T and Verizon are locked in a battle for wireless users in an increasingly competitive market. Here's how the carriers compare in carrying capacity, price, and more.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab v. Apple iPad

Now that Verizon is selling both the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, it's time to compare the costs and find the best deal.

Verizon's Tiered Smartphone Data Plans Will Save Money

Verizon's tiered data plans for smartphones keep the $29.99 unlimited data package, lower some prices, and raise data caps.