Google Invests in Wind Farm: And 5 More Intriguing Investments

Google continues to go green with its latest investment in a Iowa wind farm. But that's not the only curious Google investment.

Refreshed MySpace Desperately Seeks Users

It will take more than a new interface for MySpace to regain its former glory and catch the Facebook locomotive.

Jobs Blasted by Sen. and Apple Insider Over iPhone 4 Flaws

Apple's iPhone 4 headaches just got worse Thursday with an Apple whistle-blower alleging Steve Jobs knew of antenna flaws early on in the phone's development.


Study, iPhone Satisfaction High: But For How Long?

Among existing and potential Apple customers the iPhone was a top pick in June, according to a recent study. What would the study reveal if taken weeks after the flawed iPhone 4 launch?


Google Loses Search Traffic to Yahoo and Bing: Analysis

Bing and Yahoo saw gains when it comes to search market share in June as Google's numbers slid. Should Google be worried? No, and here's why.

Ballmer: Microsoft 'Months' From Tablet Launch

Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer is making big promises his company will deliver a plethora of tablets and smartphones in the months ahead.


NTP Files Lawsuits Against Six Mobile Behemoths

Heady with success after its legal victory over RIM, NTP files tech patent lawsuits against Apple, Google, HTC, LG, Microsoft and Motorola.


Twitter Catches Cybercriminals and Google Foots The Bill

With funding from Google, researchers at Texas A&M University are creating "honeypots," or fake accounts that are supposed to lure spammers to social networks.

Google Accused of Breach of Lawmakers' Home Wi-Fi Networks

A consumer advocacy group says Google breached the wireless networks of lawmakers

Pew Research: Wealthy Have Laptops, the Poor Have Cell Phones

Report finds that less affluent and less educated consumers often don't have a computer, but instead gravitate to a cell phone to access the Internet.


Hacker Cracks Pirate Bay, Exposes 4M Pirates

Popular BitTorrent index, Pirate Bay, has been hacked and 4 million user accounts have been compromised.


Facebook Chides Privacy Coalition Over 'Open Letter'

Facebook says it has taken appropriate steps to simplify information sharing and protect user privacy.