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Barbara Krasnoff is Senior Reviews Editor at Computerworld, covering hardware, software, gadgets, apps and other tech-related products.

Microsoft Surface Tablet: The Keyboard is the Key

Until recently, I've never been attracted by the idea of a tablet. The Surface may change that.

Reconsidering Prepaid Cell Phones

Analysis: A prepaid phone may be simply a stopgap, or a way around the high costs, two-year contractual handcuffs, and other difficulties of most current postpaid carriers.

Two Personal Scanners: NeatDesk vs. Xerox Mobile Scanner

Two current scanners, the NeatDesk and the Xerox Mobile Scanner, offer simple ways to digitize and store a variety of paper documents.

The Printer Ink Trap

Buyers don't realize how expensive a 'cheap' printer really is until they start replacing the ink.

Google Docs for Android: Mobile Word Processing Gets Practical

The latest version of Google Docs is cleaner, easier to read and easier to use than its predecessors, and it adds the ability to collaborate in real time.

6 Mobile Apps That Can Keep You Current on Election

If you're one of those who really wants to follow the play-by-play as it happens -- the debates, the ads, the back-and-forth on the talk shows, the Twitter conversations -- the best way to do it is via your mobile device.

Using Libraries In the Age of eBooks

Matt Hamblen's recent article on ebook borrowing illustrates the difficulties libraries are facing in the digital age. It's too bad, because libraries are an important resource.

CES 2012: Will the Ultrabook be as Ultra as Promised?

The current crop of Ultrabooks to make their appearance are attractive, but they aren't yet quite the wonders that we'd like.

E-Book Readers as Stocking Stuffers

E-Ink e-readers may not give you a lot of browsing capability, but their price tags may make them more of an impulse buy than their sexier siblings.

Six Out-of-the-ordinary Laptop Mice

If you're still using a traditional computer (as opposed to a tablet), you're probably also still using a traditional mouse.

Naming Names: Google Wrestles With Anonymity

Google is insisting that users go by their real names. A lot of users are not happy.

RIP Flip: Another Great Device Hits the Dust

There are other low-cost video cameras out there, but the Flip has always led the way in ease of use and quality of output, creating videos that were clean and focused.

HarperCollins Wants Libraries to Pay (and Pay...and Pay...) for e-Books

Back in 1984, I wrote a book that sold to a lot of libraries. It stayed on the shelves for over a decade. If it had been an e-book published today by HarperCollins, there's a good chance it would have been off those shelves within a year. Or sooner.

New York Times App Tries to Invade My Privacy

The NYTimes Chrome app displayed a Request for Permission window that was so blatant in its demands for full access to multiple aspects of my online life that I had to read it a couple of times to make sure I had it right.