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CES 2011: Do Tablets Mean More Entertainment -- Alone?

It could be that tablets are revolutionary in a sense that perhaps nobody is emphasizing -- they are taking entertainment one step more toward the isolation of the individual.


Jawbone's Jambox Speaker: Stylish, Practical and Reasonably Mobile

The device, which carries a list price of $199, does double duty as an straightforward audio speaker and a speakerphone.


Cool Gadgets: The Swiftpoint Enhances Mobile Mousing

The ultra-portable and strangely-shaped wireless Swiftpoint mouse offers comfortable computing at a premium price.

Sprint's HTC Evo 4G Boasts WiMax Capability

Sprint's new smartphone, coming out June 4, will operate on a 4G WiMAX network -- which means it's going to be fast.


Plantronics Explorer 395: a Bluetooth Headset for Everyday Use

The Plantronics Explorer 395 offers a comfortable, low-cost Bluetooth headset for casual users whose ears aren't glued to their mobile phones.


8 Weird but Cool Android Apps

Some fun ways to play with your new smartphone.

Google Buzz: Not Even as Private as Facebook?

Some folks may not mind that their exact location in Google Buzz can be broadcast to anyone who happens to look in — but I certainly do.

CES: Staying Online While in the Air Is Addictive

On a flight from NYC to Las Vegas to attend (of course) CES, I checked e-mail, browsed the Web and videoconferenced while 36,000 feet above Iowa. This could get to be a habit.