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CES 2011: Do Tablets Mean More Entertainment -- Alone?

It could be that tablets are revolutionary in a sense that perhaps nobody is emphasizing -- they are taking entertainment one step more toward the isolation of the individual.


Jawbone's Jambox Speaker: Stylish, Practical and Reasonably Mobile

The device, which carries a list price of $199, does double duty as an straightforward audio speaker and a speakerphone.


Cool Gadgets: The Swiftpoint Enhances Mobile Mousing

The ultra-portable and strangely-shaped wireless Swiftpoint mouse offers comfortable computing at a premium price.

Sprint's HTC Evo 4G Boasts WiMax Capability

Sprint's new smartphone, coming out June 4, will operate on a 4G WiMAX network -- which means it's going to be fast.


Plantronics Explorer 395: a Bluetooth Headset for Everyday Use

The Plantronics Explorer 395 offers a comfortable, low-cost Bluetooth headset for casual users whose ears aren't glued to their mobile phones.


8 Weird but Cool Android Apps

Some fun ways to play with your new smartphone.

Google Buzz: Not Even as Private as Facebook?

Some folks may not mind that their exact location in Google Buzz can be broadcast to anyone who happens to look in — but I certainly do.

CES: Staying Online While in the Air Is Addictive

On a flight from NYC to Las Vegas to attend (of course) CES, I checked e-mail, browsed the Web and videoconferenced while 36,000 feet above Iowa. This could get to be a habit.

SolarVoice 908 Headset Lets the Sunshine in

Want to go green with your smartphone? Try the SolarVoice 908, a Bluetooth headset that charges itself via a built-in photovoltaic panel.


Google Goggles: Great Concept, Mixed Results

Google tries to tag your world with its image recognition and search function.


8 Free Twitter Apps for Better Tweeting

These free tools can help you get a lot more functionality out of Twitter.

Google Fights for Out-of-Print and Orphaned Books

Google's book settlement goes back to the drawing board.

Quicken Gets Fresh, Gobbles Up Mint

Intuit, whose Quicken has pretty much cornered the market for financial software, has now picked up one of the few applications that could challenge its dominance:

Twitter Changes its Rules -- So?

Analysis: Users don't get a-Twitter at the possibility of more 140-word marketing messages on their social network.

Hands-On with the Kindle DX: Does Size Matter?

There are some interesting new features, but it isn't as revolutionary as its promoters might like us to think.