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Ben Boychuk is associate editor of City Journal, a public-policy magazine, where he oversees the magazine's coverage of California. He's also a columnist for ScrippsHoward News Service and the Sacramento Bee. He lives in Southern California with his wife, two children, their cat, and an albino corn snake named Bart Karateman.

News Addict for IPhone

My editor sent me an e-mail the other day asking about sundry matters in a review, when he made an observation about a rating I'd given a particular app: "I...


Another Look at Where To? for the IPhone

In May, I reviewed FutureTap's Where To? app, which lets iPhone and iPod touch users exploit their handheld's location features to serve as a sophisticated but...


Public Radio and Public Radio Tuner for IPhone

I have a funny listening relationship with the radio. When I commuted, of course, I listened to the radio all the time. I had a subscription to XM Radio's...


Instapaper 2 for IPhone

Marco Arment has done it again. The developer behind Instapaper Pro has taken the excellent newsreader application and made it even better.


Shortcovers for IPhone

How many e-book readers do the iPhone and iPod touch need? The answer, I think, is as many as the market can bear.

on for IPhone

The Huffington Post, the left-leaning news and opinion site, is an honest-to-goodness new media powerhouse. What began in 2005 as a group blog for...


IVideo Cocktails for IPhone

Sometimes showing is better than simply telling, especially when it comes to the arcane arts of woodworking, cat grooming, and bartending. I'm awaiting good...


President for IPhone

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The real power in Washington D.C. isn't the elected officials, be they representatives in Congress or even the...


PoliticoTracker for IPhone

It's entirely too easy to read too much news and miss important stories. PoliticoTracker for the iPhone and iPod touch is a promising app that lets you pick your...


Tiki+ for IPhone

Tiki drinks get a bad rap. They've earned a reputation as fruity girly drinks served to lightweights in garish glasses with stupid paper umbrellas. You would...


IPhone 3G S Line: Scenes From a Mall

Here's what 3G S Day looks, sounds and smells like in the Inland Empire of Southern California.


More Wine Apps for the IPhone

Thoughts from the cherry-scented- butter-flavored-with-earthy-undertones world of wine applications for the iPhone.

Newspapers and World Newspapers for IPhone

Newspapers may be dying, but there still sure are a lot of them out there--not just in the United States, but around the world. David Earnest's Newspapers and...


Mob Games for the IPhone

Mafia Wars, Zynga's hugely popular massively multiplayer online game, encourages players to rob, extort ,and kill as much as they can with the goal of amassing...

Eucalyptus for IPhone

The Eucalyptus reader for the iPhone and iPod touch would have been a hit even if Apple hadn't made its boneheaded initial decision to bar the e-book reader due...